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SMS Health Cloud Integration

SMS Health Cloud Integration: Transform Healthcare Workflows and Improve Patient Care 

Salesforce being the world’s #1 CRM, is equipped to cater to every requirement when it comes to selling, marketing, and serving customers to build and strengthen relationships with them. No matter which vertical you belong to, Salesforce gets you various clouds to nurture and build relationships, and the health cloud is one of them. Salesforce clouds get you a 360-degree view of customers and allow you to provide them the best assistance throughout their customer lifecycle. Further, SMS Health Cloud Integration extends your capabilities to make the best out of health cloud connecting with audiences at the right time using texts.

What is a Health Cloud?

Salesforce health cloud is specifically designed to accommodate the healthcare industry. Using the health cloud, one can streamline patient-doctor communications and effortlessly manage relationships with patients in a better way. Health Cloud empowers healthcare users to gain insights into required patient information combining patient data from the electronic health record (EHR) anytime and on any device and use it to deliver better patient care. 

How does SMS Health Cloud Integration help?

Send Customized Tips and Health Videos

Health cloud provides you a comprehensive view of patients. This includes the current health condition of the patient, appointment history, medications, communications preferences, etc. Thus, based on patient’s information, you can send customized health or diet tips using any of their preferred communication channels. You can use WhatsApp Salesforce with Health Cloud or SMS Salesforce integrated with Health Cloud to distribute relevant content. You can circulate images, videos, or texts to patients based on the requirement.

SMS Health Cloud Integration to Keep a Regular Check on Patients

SMS Health Cloud Integration also provides an easy way to follow up with patients using SMS. Many texting apps make it feasible to build a customized list, as you can do with 360 SMS List Views. You can create a customized list of patients based on various health problems and follow up with them regularly by scheduling.

For instance, you can segment high blood pressure patients and schedule follow-up texts to keep a check on them. 

This way, you can automate and use SMS in healthcare to keep a check on patients without intervening manually.

Prioritize Tasks based on Disease Criticality

The patient’s 360-degree view in the health cloud help professionals prioritize patients based on their illness severity and provide treatment. Also, healthcare professionals can make smart decisions, customize the care plan and communicate precautionary measures to patients through texts. This could help to improve patient care services and improve patients experiences.

Gauge Patients Interest and Suggest Healthcare Policies 

SMS Health Cloud Integration helps professionals to opt for text-to-vote or collect any type of data with texts. Healthcare professionals can run surveys and gauge people’s interest in healthcare schemes and policies. Further, based on the collected data, you can educate potential buyers on relevant schemes and policies through texts. If required, you can also resolve their queries right away through 1-on-1 conversation. More importantly, you can provide a convenient communication platform for patients to reach out to you at any time.

Improve Patient Engagement Rate & Serve Better with Salesforce SMS & Health Cloud

Detailed insight of patient’s information opens up floodgates of opportunities to serve patients better. Also, this would help health industries to improve patient satisfaction levels, educate them, and increase engagement. Thus, with the help of SMS Health Cloud Integration, health professionals can easily cut back on manual work like calling and connect with patients at various touchpoints. Also,  health professionals can reduce their manual intervention and send texts at a defined time through automated texts and scheduling.

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