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SMS or MMS: Which One is More Effective?

If we talk about SMS and MMS in terms of effectiveness, both of them are equally important. Also, they play a vital role in business communication and marketing. Many times words aren’t just enough to convey a message concretely. This is where the addition of a visual appeal can help to capture the user’s attention.  

Thus, SMS allied to MMS can make a world of difference to your business marketing strategies. Here are some of the innovative use cases of SMS and MMS together.

Send Enticing Offers

SMS with MMS allows you to send an impactful message by adding a visual effect to your words. Based on past food orders, you can send enticing deals along with a tempting picture of their favorite cuisine. This way, you can catch the immediate attention of food lovers.

Market New Products

Organizations can effectively market their new products using SMS and MMS together. They can send key highlights of the new product with an image and apprise customers about the new product. This way, you can help customers identify the newly launched product in the market and intrigue users.

Ensure Women’s Safety

Home visits of technicians, plumbers, and other service providers are quite common scenarios. So, as any customer books an appointment, you can send the picture of the technician immediately or while sending a reminder text. This could help you to ensure your female customer’s safety by providing them a concerned person’s image in advance and avoiding the risk of intruders.


If used wisely, the combination of SMS and MMS can do wonders for your business and boost your marketing strategies. Also, keeping aside the traditional ways of marketing, you can market more innovatively with images, short videos, gifs, and audios. SMS allied to MMS enables you to send more convincing messages compared to simple and plain text messages. Further, text messages can help to increase returns with more constructive communications and marketing.