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SMS messaging app integrationSalesforce Text Messaging App Integration: Automate Marketing and Sales over Mobile

Marketing and sales are crucial growth engines for any good organization. Firms must intervene and interact with audiences at the right time to get into meaningful conversations. 

In this context, text messages open up several new ways to connect with audiences and give you more control over business communications. Without the right messaging in place, it takes a lot of effort and initiative to market business offerings effectively and crack more deals. 

You need to understand your customers and competitors better, respond to them immediately, tailor business interactions, and add convenience to customers at every stage for effective marketing and sales improvement. 

When you choose the correct Salesforce text message app integration, you’re closer to realizing these necessities for your firm.

How Salesforce SMS messaging app integration should be for marketing and sales automation

1) Simple Text Automation that Teams can Configure

While performing marketing and sales operations, firms should intrigue audiences, respond to them instantly, and follow up consistently. 

Dependency on experts to configure each automation leads to delays in marketing and sales operations. So, an ideal SMS Salesforce integration should allow you to configure automation yourself. 

This would help you schedule bulk messages at scale and automate a series of SMSes while running campaigns with just point and click. 

You can automate a sequence of follow-up messages to nudge your customers consistently, reminding them of your brand. This kind of automation will help you close more deals.

2) Easy Data Capturing

Dependency on others and investment requirements at every level sometimes limit the capabilities of marketing and sales teams. 

So, your SMS messaging app integration should allow you to configure Surveys and chatbots without coding or technical knowledge. 

This will enable you to configure surveys, questionnaires, and chatbots to collect essential data for each new use case without manual intervention. 

With this capability, you can capture data to understand your customers better, know their preferences, perform a competitive analysis, and send qualified inquiries to support teams for more informed marketing and sales decisions and quality support.

3) SMS messaging app integration Shoul Support Personalized and Scalable Interactions 

One of the essentials for sales and marketing teams is scalable interactions. 

This is because they often have a huge database of millions of Salesforce records with every prospect and customer at a different stage. 

So, an ideal text message Salesforce integration should allow teams to send bulk messages and personalize them at scale. While scheduling and sending texts at scale, they should be able to tailor them. 

Hence, SMS Salesforce integration should support ‘Merge Fields.’

3) SMS App integration Should Provide Granular Control over Campaigns 

One of the prime requirements for effective marketing is engagement. You never know over which channel your audiences will respond. 

You should be able to reach out to your audiences over different channels using a signal SMS campaign. This will help you drive responses.  

Better control over campaigns help you plan your marketing pursuits better. 

You should have granular control over campaigns so that you can view at which stage of a campaign a prospect or customer is, when a campaign stopped, etc. 

This way, you can group audiences based on campaign responses and stages they are at and market better.

4) Console for Quick Conversation Management

Whether marketing or sales, teams constantly strive to speed up their operations. 

You should be able to perform most of your marketing operations using a single screen, eliminating the need for navigating to different tabs. 

It is time-saving if you can send bulk messages, create new records, edit them, converse one-on-one, and apply filters to segment customers based on campaign responses using a single screen. 

This would reduce navigation and accelerate sales and marketing operations.

5) Accessible Chat History for P2P and Notifications for Incoming Texts

When a customer tries to dive into a one-on-one conversation to inquire about your business offerings, you should be able to accommodate its need in the best possible way. 

Your SMS integration with Salesforce should allow you to get into a one-on-one conversation immediately to resolve customers’ concerns faster. 

Also, chat history should be accessible to avoid repetitive conversations with customers/

The app should notify you of incoming texts immediately to respond without delay and avoid losing your potential customers.

Make your Brand  Audience Top of Mind and Seal More Deals

By choosing the right SMS messaging app integration, you can get the most advanced capabilities to manage marketing and sales operations which you hardly get with vanilla Salesforce SMS integrations. 

You can connect with audiences at scale within a few minutes in a meaningful by personalizing conversation. This helps you get more responses, engagement, and sales. Besides, you can interact with audiences at the right time to add value to your marketing and sales communications. 

Marketing plans can be more concrete due to granular controls over campaigns. More importantly, you can deliver quality customer experiences so that your brand is top of mind for your audiences.

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