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Text Marketing

Text Marketing with an AppExchange App for Scalable & Quick Text Operations

The 98% open rate of text messages has made it the most reliable means to connect and interact with audiences on the move. This instills confidence in the marketers that their messages would be surely read by audiences.

On the other hand, the average response time of 90 seconds clearly shows people’s indulgence in their hand-held devices. Thus, by taking advantage of text response rate, marketers can improve the engagement and response rate.  

This is the reason organizations look for a perfect text marketing app on AppExchange to reach their contacts and market business offerings. Also, they look for a bulk SMS app on AppExchange to perform scalable text operations conveniently.

What to look in a close-to-perfect text marketing app on AppExchange

In terms of perfection, there’s no such app that can be addressed as perfect. But you can look for the best or a close-to-perfect SMS app for Salesforce that can cater to all your text marketing needs and lets you perform all text marketing operations much conveniently. Here are a few features that you can look at to evaluate the potential of an ideal texting solution.


The very first requirement for effective text marketing is a scalable app. This is why organizations look for a bulk text message app on AppExchange. But in reality, an ideal texting app not only allows you to send texts to millions with minimal time investment but helps you perform much beyond that. More importantly,  it could help users scale communications without much laborious work.


Automated texting processes could help marketers cut back on their manual work and improve efficiency. Also, text messages sent at the right time adds more value to marketing pursuits. On the contrary, text messages sent at inappropriate times like at night can irate and frustrate customers. Thus, users must have the feasibility to schedule messages defining the time of the texts to go out. With this kind of automation, marketers could not only market more effectively by connecting with prospects at the right time but increase their marketing returns.


The more user-friendly an app is, the easier it is for employees to work. Complex scaling or scheduling processes can drain a lot of employee’s time and hamper their overall productivity. Also, intricate features make it difficult for employees to make the best use of available features and get the best out of them. So, the app must support user adoption so that users can perform MessagingOps much faster and conveniently. 

Here, an ideal app could help you do that much conveniently without any governor limit on audience size.

360 SMS for Seamless Text Operations

An ideal app can easily cater to all your messaging requirements much conveniently. To mention one, 360 SMS is one such app that can fulfill all the mentioned requirements without a doubt and works like magic.

You can install SMS 360 from AppExchange and start using it immediately. In addition to scalable texting, it provides a host of innovative features that lets you perform much more than just texting. It gets you DIY automation and allows you to send texts to millions in one go. More importantly, it distills your weeks of work into hours and saves a lot of time.