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Texts for real-estate

5 Ways to increase Productivity in the Real-Estate Domain with Texts

The very first thing to build and nurture relationships with customers is effective communication. Like any other business, a real estate business also needs a reliable and quick communication channel to connect with audiences faster. Thus, texts in real-estate help realtors to strengthen their relationships with prospective buyers by engaging with them at the right time. And in terms of reliability and speed, nothing can beat text messages.

The Essence of time

You need to respond within the 1st 2-3 minutes someone shows interest or the sea of information and property listings they see next make sure they forget all about a listing even if they’re interested.

This means they lose out on candidates to other listings. And Listings too, disappear equally quickly.

Not everyone who calls wants to buy immediately. Such people haven’t really decided where they are in their search. So it’s best to save time on futile site-visits by qualifying candidates first.

Promote Listings 

Rather than relying on old-school ways like door-to-door marketing and print ads to promote property listings, realtors can use texts to promote property listings. With texts, they can promote and advertise right on their hand-held devices and attract quick responses as SMSes are read and responded to in 90 sec on average.

Send Updates

Using bulk texting, you can blast SMS to prospective buyers and send important updates about new offers, schemes, etc.

Also, you could apprise them about newly listed properties in their desired locations. More importantly, you can add some pictures of that property or embed links to the online listing.

[Super-Important] Engage with Leads and Follow-up closely 

There can be many lead generation platforms like your website, social media, etc. You could follow up and nurture leads with the help of text messages. Also, you could use texts to probe about their property requirements and send relevant listing links.

Facilitate Easy Appointment Booking

The easier it is for customers to reach you, the better it is for a real estate business. With text as a communications channel, you can make it easier for your buyers to book appointments with simple text. This way, you can generate more leads and close more deals.

Send Appointment Reminders

Another use-case of texts is to send text appointment reminders and time-sensitive messages. This could help you remind your clients and prospective buyers of scheduled meetings. This way, you could reduce no-shows and enhance customer experience with your brand. 


Text messages provide realtors with a more reliable and quick communication channel. With automated texting, you could interact with buyers at various touchpoints, serve them at the right time, re-engage with cold leads, and much more. Consequently, texts in real-estate can help to easily close more deals and increase sales count.