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Salesforce Viber integrationThe Ultimate Salesforce Viber Integration Service

Do you also find it challenging to drive customer responses while scaling your business in different countries?

If yes, probably, you need to redefine your business communication strategies.

People need reasons and trust to respond to any new incoming text message. 

And one of the significant factors that help drive customer responses is the channel you use to communicate with your prospects and customers in multiple countries. 

This makes Salesforce Viber integration crucial for businesses to target audiences better in countries like Russia, Greece, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and some Asian markets. 

Not only this, Viber users are on the rise in countries like China and US, making it a must-have channel to scale business conveniently worldwide.

For driving responses, connecting with customers where they already are is essential, or on the messaging platform, they are comfortable using.

And Viber is one of the popular channels people use to communicate with family and friends. 

To use Viber for business advantage, professionals look for an ultimate Salesforce Viber integration.

What does an Ordinary Salesforce Viber Integration Look like?

A dime-a-dozen method for Viber integration in Salesforce is through API. 

Salesforce Viber integration through API allows you to send Viber messages from Salesforce. But API integration ties you down to limited capabilities. 

As nothing comes pre-built and everything is built from scratch, the process is time-taking. Plus, it requires coding, which also contributes to the extended time frame for the integration. 

Development and maintenance costs are always associated with API integration in the long run.

Even if you choose any other app to get Viber service in Salesforce, the feature set is pretty limited, which limits your messaging capabilities too. 

What an Ideal Implementation with Viber Should be Like 

A truly great integration enriches you with a wide range of advanced capabilities that let you take Viber operations to the next level.

It provides you with much more beyond bare messaging capabilities, which helps you make the best out of Salesforce Viber using messaging and automation capabilities.

It gives you almost every capability to meet modern users’ requirements successfully.

1)Swift Integration

The quickest way to integrate any channel in Salesforce is the AppExchange app. 

For ultimate Salesforce Viber integration, you can count on a full-fledged texting app that supports multi-channel along with Viber. That way, Viber integration hardly takes 5-10 minutes. 

No coding work is required, which makes the process quicker.

2)Powerful and Exclusive Messaging Features

With the best Viver integration, you can expect a host of powerful messaging features that helps you communicate effectively.

  • Person-to-person Messaging

With an ultimate Viber integration, users get an intuitive chatting interface, making business conversations easier for agents. 

They can access past interactions and pick up the conversation where a customer left it last.

3) Scalability

Send messages at scale without any limitation on the number of broadcast messages. 

You can send Viber messages to millions in one fell swoop using Salesforce reports and even create custom reports for targeted messaging.

Besides, you can scale phone number management and connect with audiences using a consistent sender identity throughout customer conversations.

4)No-code Automation

You get fully-featured no-code automation over Viber, allowing you to automate messages without coding knowledge and experts’ help.

Consequently, teams can configure Surveys, questionnaires, chatbots, and polls with just point-and-click.

5)Campaigns for Lower-end devices

In an ideal integration-, you can run multi-channel campaigns and even send emails during the SMS drip campaigns. 

What’s more interesting is you can even run campaigns on lower-end phones as Viber uses SMS as a fallback.

6) Advanced Compliance Mechanism

An ultimate Salesforce Viber integration can never let compliance be a roadblock in your messaging operation. 

You can manage compliance as your customers want and selectively opt-in or opt-out. 

Further, you can add custom fields to manage compliance if any new compliance requirement arises.

Make the Best out of Salesforce Viber Integration with Best-in-Class Features

Limited features that users get with a regular Salesforce Viber integration limit the messaging capabilities of a business venture too. Users must wait longer and invest heavily to get Viber capabilities in Salesforce through API integration. 

On the contrary, an ultimate Viber integration in Salesforce allows users to upscale Viber communication without tying themselves to just sending and receiving Viber messages. Thus, users can avail of numerous capabilities with just a one-time investment and revamp their business communications.

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