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Top 5 Areas that Need Your Attention to Maximize Sales and Marketing Success 

No matter how fast your business is growing, revenue generation and growth maximization are constant areas of focus for every business. But many times, expert marketers and sales rockstars can make mistakes that can ruin the effects of your sales and marketing efforts. 

This blog will talk about some approaches that every sales and marketing team should pay head to in order to improve their sales and marketing pursuits. In addition, we will explore the kind of solution you can opt for to increase sales and marketing effectiveness and drive better results.

Whether you are missing out on potential business opportunities or finding it difficult to generate leads to fill up the lead pipeline, ultimately, these things lead sales to low sales and marketing returns. This is why we have brought an exclusive solution to help you overcome various obstacles that impact sales and marketing success. 

With the help of meaningful insights, you can improve your marketing campaigns and pay head to trivial factors that can contribute to better sales and marketing returns. 

Without identifying factors that may affect your sales and marketing performance, it is difficult to proceed in the right direction and find the right solution. Through our blog, we intend to bring to light the approaches and factors that are the root causes of sales and marketing problems, like low returns and sales counts. 

With the help of such information, It becomes easy to be cautious while handling sales and marketing operations. This way, you can make a huge difference in your business growth by changing the game of the two most important business operations- sales and marketing. 

Factors Impacting Salesforce Sales Messaging and Marketing Returns


Targeting Ineffective Contact Data for Salesforce messaging

You might agree that reaching out to potential customers using inaccurate or invalid contact data is difficult. When you target incorrect phone numbers, your text messages don’t reach your recipients, making it difficult to establish a connection with them and communicate effectively.

As a result, time and effort get wasted in the wrong direction, which hardly produces any results. This also leads to missed opportunities and lower sales counts.

According to Workato, bad data quality can cost you 10-25% of your total revenue.

Investing Time and Effort in the Wrong Direction

When resources are unable to produce any results or invest their energy in the wrong direction, this causes ineffective use of resources.

Wasted texting costs, inefficient use of human resources, or time invested in operations targeting inaccurate phone numbers—all these lead to wasted resources.

Sales representatives may spend significant time trying to reach unresponsive or nonexistent contacts, diverting their efforts away from more productive activities.

Missed Potential Opportunities

Targeting the wrong phone number type, such as messages to a landline number, can lead to missed opportunities. For example, say a sales team targets a landline number for Salesforce sales messaging.

Messages will go out to numbers that don’t accept messages, i.e., landline numbers. And these landline number owners can be your prospects which you could miss due to ineffective targeting.

Therefore, you need to segregate numbers based on their types for effective targeting and improved text deliverability. 

Poor Text Deliverability

Text messages are the quickest and most convenient method to reach audiences.  

According to the Business Wire report, messaging is the best way to connect with them.

However, invalid or inaccurate phone numbers could be a roadblock to improved business reach. Whether it is normal Salesforce text messages for marketing or SMS campaign messages, No message will reach audiences if you are targeting numbers that do not exist.

This leads to a low text deliverability rate, limiting the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns and hindering direct communication with potential customers. Also, you’re unable to get into back-and-forth communications with your prospects and customers.

Poor text deliverability wastes resources and reduces the impact of personalized Salesforce messaging, engagement, and follow-up, ultimately resulting in missed opportunities for sales conversions.

Ensuring the accuracy of phone numbers in the database and targeting the appropriate phone number type are crucial steps to enhance text deliverability and maximize the effectiveness of SMS marketing efforts.

Difficulty in Lead Generation

It is pretty evident that generating leads with inaccuracies in contact data is tough. Lead generation efforts are futile and do not bring desired results when inaccurate or invalid phone numbers are used for targeting audiences. 

Phone numbers are an important asset for any customer-facing business as these numbers allow them to reach and communicate with their prospects and customers. 

Hence, marketing and sales teams heavily depend on phone numbers to generate leads. Invalid phone numbers restrict their ability to reach potential customers and reduce the size of potential customers.

Improving Sales and Marketing: An Effective Approach to Follow

After being familiar with the importance of accurate and valid phone numbers in your database, you would surely like to know about a solution that can help you do that effectively and faster.

Salesforce Verify the Phone app is a one-stop solution exclusively designed to help you maintain your contact data health by eliminating invalid and inaccurate phone numbers in your database. 

Your marketing and sales team can verify phone numbers in real-time using this Salesforce phone number verification service. This helps them ensure that their contact data is more accurate and reliable. 

Apart from this, Salesforce VTP also helps you identify the number type, whether it is a phone number,  landline number, or VoIP. Using this information, you can segment your audiences based on their numbers and plan your campaigns more effectively, choosing the best-suited medium to connect with your audiences. You can create more tailored strategies.

Consequently, you can maximize campaign returns and minimize resource wastage by optimizing your communication efforts.

Maximize Salesforce Messaging Impact for Improved Sales and Marketing 

To get rid of various sales and marketing challenges, it is essential to eliminate every factor that leads to ineffective marketing campaigns and low returns. One of those factors is inaccurate and invalid phone numbers. These affect the overall effectiveness of sales and market efforts. Salesforce Verify The Phone app intends to solve the major issue that sales and marketing teams deal with, i.e., invalid contact data. 

Real-time phone number verification is one crucial advantage of this app that helps you keep your data up-to-date. You can ditch manual data verification, saving you time and effort.

With the solution, you can ensure good data health and improve its reliability. This helps you with better and more streamlined communications. You can improve the deliverability of text messages which helps you with better business outreach, leading to higher sales and marketing returns. Want to improve your sales and marketing pursuits with reliable contact data? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.