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360 Sms App to transform service & relationships with Whatapp & Salesforce

Transform Service Practices & Relationships with WhatsApp & Salesforce in 360 SMS

An exponential rise in the number of adopters for WhatsApp as a business communication channel has long overtaken calls and email. It’s why 360 SMS brings businesses richer, intelligent WhatsApp texting solutions, so you can finally tap into a 2 Billion-strong worldwide user-base.

Here’s how WhatsApp is helping transform old customer service practices and CX across verticals through personalization.

Why WhatsApp for Business?  
Because Document Sharing is much easier

If you’re sharing plans, PDFs, coupons, vouchers, forms, you’re better off with WhatsApp. It’s a lot to expect viewers to use your document over an email and sign it. This is even worse considering that you’d have to print, fill out, and upload documents back up manually when received over an email. This may take days, especially if a printer isn’t around. In sharp contrast, when sent over WhatsApp, users can fill out and sign forms in mere minutes

Industry experiences show that around 7% of all WhatsApp users also have auto-download enabled. This means, unlike an email, the document would live on the recipient’s device or library.

360 Sms App by Healthcare share treatments
– Share Treatments, Visiting Hours,
  Restock prescriptions

As part of their work, doctors and patients alike may feel the need to get in touch with each other to share details of specific treatments, visiting hours, reports, and much else. WhatsApp can work as a capable bridge between doctors and patients for these exchanges of information with its support and backup across several multimedia formats.

Through WhatsApp in 360 SMS, medical personnel can automate much of these exchanges.

Patients can seek medical advice without paying a visit to a hospital or clinic by sharing attachments to medical records that can be directly sent to online labs for diagnosis form a hospital’s Salesforce system. Besides, patients can share their prescriptions as images over WhatsApp to reorder medicine, get tips for care and nutrition, and more.

360 Sma App by Travel & HospitalityTravel & Hospitality 
-Help Customers Fight Roaming Charges

Physical documents, forms, tickets are consistently turning digital. Instead of relying on hard copies, travelers find it more convenient to carry soft copies and use those. Considering the ubiquity of smartphones and text, 360 SMS helps travel & hospitality to incorporate a more personalized and familiar mode of communication by embracing WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp messaging, they could send soft copies of flight, train, bus tickets, or any other reproducible document effortlessly and reliably. With e-tickets and other documents, you can aid your users in a much better way and prevent them from the hassles of visiting a cybercafe to pull out a hardcopy of tickets.

360 Sms App finance 2 way services and sharingFinance 
– Richer 2-way Services and Sharing,    
  Cut-down bank visits 

To maintain a pace with market trends and redefine customer service methodologies, WhatsApp has discarded flaws and evolved the fastest to connect with customers seamlessly. Using 360 SMS’ WhatsApp messaging, banking personnel now can drop details to recipients in bulk related to banking services, new features, interest rates, and much more. Eliminating the hassles of one-way-communication, when customers were only capable of viewing texts, now customers can participate and share their concerns through WhatsApp. Whether it is about information regarding balance history, credit card limit, or any other query, customers can get it resolved right away with 1-on-1 interaction. Timing these monetary interactions is central to maintain a trusted banking process. To drop messages to specific segments like credit card users, home loan applicants, you could simply create a customized list, and you shoot bulk WhatsApp messages through ListViews.


For countries where SMS charges are immensely high or where texting from one country to another country directly is restricted, WhatsApp texting over 360 SMS is the way around some of your biggest communication problems and expenses. It’s a sign of times to come and has been leading the charge on what people expect from a text – which for now, is richer and uninhibited communication.