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MMS for Marketing CloudSalesforce MMS for Marketing Cloud

Why limit your business communications to just words in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud when you can use visuals to redefine your marketing cloud communications?

Without a doubt, the marketing cloud has made it feasible for marketers to take their marketing effort to the next using a consolidated view of customer data.

Marketers have enough opportunities to deliver a personalized journey to each customer across every channel.

This makes it easier for them to nurture their relationships with customers by sending the right message at the right time. 

But don’t you want to make the best out of your marketing cloud by tapping into more effective and innovative messaging? 

Probably, it’s the Salesforce MMS for Marketing Cloud you’re missing.

And not only Marketing Cloud, by choosing an ultimate Salesforce MMS integration, but you can also reap Salesforce MMS benefits for your firm.

How to get Salesforce MMS in Marketing Cloud

Emails, messages from Marketing cloud mobile studio, Marketing Cloud tasks, etc., are a few components of Marketing Cloud you’re probably using for Marketing.

But there’s much more that you can do to improve marketing from Marketing Cloud, cutting back on marketing expenses.

360 Marketing Cloud Add-on is a revolutionary solution that can completely transform your conventional ways of marketing.

Reduce Messaging Cost

One of the important things that matter to any business is the cost. Every business looks forward to maximizing revenue with minimum investments.

And this is something the 360 Marketing Cloud Add-on helps with. 

Usually, when you send one text message using the Marketing Cloud mobile studio, it costs you 40 SMS or MMS. This increase the marketing messages cost from Marketing Cloud. 

Usually, you need to go for MMS activation if you want to use  Salesforce MMS from Marketing Cloud. More importantly, MMS is available in the United States only.

Send SMS /MMS in Email Journey

Using this Marketing Cloud add-on, you can use multi-media messaging even in your email journey and innovate marketing journeys for your audiences.

The best part is that you don’t even have to pay for 40 MMS when you send one.

This makes Salesforce MMS marketing from Marketing Cloud much more cost-effective, and you can market your business offerings effectively.

Eliminate Dependency on Tasks

Besides, you might agree that you depend on Marketing Cloud ‘Tasks’ and build automation to schedule SMS and MMS.

With the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on, you can eliminate dependency on Tasks and schedule MMS at scale with point-and-click.

Also, you can import MMS templates from the 360 SMS and edit them if required. This helps you compose marketing messages much faster.

Add a Visual Dimension to Your Marketing Content in the Marketing Cloud


The 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on is an effective solution designed keeping in view the factors that usually bother marketers. This includes cost, convenience, and time frame of Marketing Cloud operations which usually extends due to the use of Tasks. This add-on does not limit your marketing capabilities to emails only in a single email journey.

What makes this add-on more powerful for marketing is you can even send SMS and MMS in the email journey. This way, you can innovate the journeys of your customers with your brand.

This could help you create a lasting impression and enhance your marketing pursuits, adding a visual appeal to your marketing content.

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