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Consistent Sender IDLow Text Responses Bothering You? Here’s What you Must Try

How do you react when there’s an incoming call or text from an unknown contact number? 

Probably you would disconnect such a call or ignore a text message assuming it’s unimportant or due to trust issues. 

So, don’t you think your prospects and customers would also react the same way if they cannot recognize your sender identity? 

Thus, before calling and sending out text messages to your customers, consistency in sender ID should be top of your mind to maximize responses.

Here are some more reasons why consistency in Sender ID matters to a business.

Concrete Reasons to Use a Consistent Sender ID

  • Helps to Win Customer’s Trust

Have you ever thought about what makes message recipients hesitant to respond to a  Salesforce text message or call? 

Lack of trust is a crucial factor in why messages lose their impact. If they do not trust the sender’s identity, they are less likely to consider a text authentic. 

As a result, businesses often fail to generate the results they envision. 

This is because people hardly open such text messages and take necessary actions that business firms expect from audiences in the next step. 

So, organizations can easily instill trust in prospects and customers using a consistent sender ID. You can use Sticky Sender for trust in the 360 SMS app.

  • Improves Response Rate 

You might agree with the fact that trust and response are interrelated.

Let’s say you want to communicate with someone or gather some personal information. 

Can you expect an individual to trust you and respond to your text without knowing you?

In all likelihood, No. 

In short, people are more likely to respond to messages they trust. And this applies to brand communications too. 

With consistency in sender ID, your brand becomes more familiar to potential customers, and they are more likely to respond.

  • Improves Brand Recall

Easy brand recall can give you a competitive edge over other competitors. 

We live in a world where almost every brand uses SMS marketing to connect with their customers and market their business offerings. 

As a result, people’s SMS inboxes are flooded with marketing texts. 

This makes it difficult for customers to remember your brand. 

Thus, a brand should be easily recognizable, and this is not possible if you’re using a new number every time to reach out to your audiences. 

Using a consistent sender number throughout the communication with a specific person, it becomes easier to improve brand recall. 

  • Helps To Strengthen Relationships with Customers

Another advantage of a consistent sender ID for communication is that it helps businesses strengthen relationships with customers. 

The more customers know your brand, the more trust is built. 

Ultimately, they are more likely to respond, and you can have back and forth communications whenever required, which further helps with more engagement. 

This way, it becomes much more effortless to drive sales and revenue by using a fixed sender identity to contact your prospects and customers.

Sticky Sender for Consistency in Sender IDentity and Trust

When prospects and customers see the same number repeatedly, the number somewhere remains in the back of their minds. As a result, they know whom they are talking to and don’t hesitate to respond. 

Thus, keeping in view the importance of consistency in sender ID for businesses, the Sticky Sender feature of 360 SMS is designed. This feature not only helps to use the same sender ID throughout the conversations without manual intervention but helps you localize numbers to attract more responses.

To explore more about this feature and its effectiveness, turn to our experts at or contact us here.