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Here's How to Use SMS to Improve Collection

Send Payment Reminders

One of the reasons for late payments from existing customers is that it is tough for people to keep track of various payment due dates due to hectic schedules.

Therefore, you can do this on their behalf and help them to make payments on time.

You can automate recurring Salesforce messages, such as payment reminders defining the frequency (biweekly, monthly, or annually).

This way, you do not need to keep track of time-sensitive texts and can attract payments on time without manual intervention.

Send On-brand Payment URL

Every factor matters that can add convenience to customers.

So, to make the payment process faster and simple for new customers, you can send an on-brand payment URL.

This will help you in two ways. One way is to reduce navigation for your customers, and the second is to instill trust in customers using a branded URL.

Adding the trust of a brand, you can ensure customers that they are making payments using a genuine and trusted URL.

Use Text-to-Donate

Text-to-donate is the best method for non-profit organizations to collect donations from donors.

The best part about this collection method is that it allows donors to donate conveniently.

In addition, they can make donations in the future with just a few clicks.

So, you can simply advertise a shortcode prompting potential donors to text the desired keyword.

Further, you can confirm the amount through a one-on-one conversation and send a link redirecting to a page where donors can fill in their payment details to donate.

Some Surprising Results Reported by Users who used Texts for Collection.

Based on the interviews with customers who used payment texts, they reported some interesting outcomes.

Collection increases by 53.7% because of the quick and easy payment process.

Renewals increase by 47.4% because of payment reminders

Happy with 360 SMS and Whatsapp Integration
I am the admin of a car dealership in northern Italy, and we use the 360 SMS application to send reminder messages to our customers with important due dates. Happy to work with the 360 SMS team.They did an amazing job. Two thumbs up!

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

As you’ve just seen, texts can be your best bet for improving collections. You can schedule or send Salesforce SMS for payments at the right time to your existing and new customers and add convenience. With a payment URL, you can reduce navigation and accelerate the payment process, making it more straightforward.

Try incorporating these texting methods for payments and see collection figures changing drastically.

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