Text for Legal Service

5 Ways to Use Texts in the Legal Services Domain to Speed up Interactions

Text communications have paved several ways for industries to cut back on call interactions and manual intervention of employees irrespective of their verticals. With SMS and automation capabilities, agents can automate interactions at various touchpoints, which could further help to improve employee efficiency and save a lot of time. Like other verticals, legal service providers can also count on text messages to speed up the communication process and communicate effectively with audiences. Here are a few ways legal service domains can use text messages to interact with audiences.

Different Ways to Use Text for Legal Service Domain

Line up Meetings with Legal Agencies through Texts

The very step to avail of any service is consultation. Thus, by incorporating text messaging into legal operations, legal service providers can schedule meetings or book appointments through texts instead of calls. Further, they can automate Salesforce text messages to send confirmation texts with the date and time of the scheduled meeting or appointment.

Reminder Texts for Hearing and Other Crucial Dates

Every industry has some touchpoints where they can send text reminders, and legal agencies are no exception. So, legal service providers can send text reminders to remind of meetings or payment due dates. This would help to improve payments collections. 

Also, if there’s ant critical due date involved, like a hearing date, even then, they can use reminders texts to keep clients posted.

Send On-Brand URLs for Fee Payment using Text for Legal Service

URLs play a vital role in easy payments and support case reduction. Before making any payment through a URL, customers are usually suspicious and scared of fraudulent activities. So, here comes on-brand payments URLs to the rescue. Legal service providers can add their brand name in URLs and send custom on-brand payment URLs. This would help to instill trust in customers. 

More importantly, they can also track payment URL click-through to find out who has clicked on the URL and who hasn’t and follow-up based on that. This way, they can simplify the payment process, send trustworthy payments links, and collect payments conveniently.

Automate Follow up Process with Clients

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in the legal processes. So again, legal service providers can count on SMS and MMS or WhatsApp messaging to collect desired documents. Besides, they can automate and personalized follow-up texts based on which stage a customer is at. 

There can be many other instances to send follow-up texts. For example, legal agencies can track the activities of their website visitors. Further, they can follow up based on which page a visitor left the website.

Converse One-on-One or Send Questionnaires to Capture Case-Data

There are chances that legal service providers miss capturing some important details at the time of meeting or discussion. So, with SMS for legal agencies as a communication channel, legal service providers or lawyers can use SMS to capture details if required. 

On the other hand, they can send Surveys or questionnaires to capture essential case data at scale in one go.

With 360 SMS, no-code automation, professionals can design surveys on their own and capture any sort of data they want.

Redefine Service Pattern with Automated Texting

No matter what is your desired goal, text messages can cater to all your communication requirements. With SMS, legal service providers can market and educate customers about their legal agencies at scale. Also,  they can reduce their dependency on phone calls for every interaction. In addition, they can redefine their service pattern by interacting at the right time using text automation and scheduling capabilities. 

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