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Use of URLs

Choosing URLs for Easy Payments and Case Reduction

The purpose of sending text messages varies as per the use cases. It could be marketing, educating customers, or serving them. So, the character limit of a text message can be a roadblock if an agent intends to send detailed information on a particular topic. This is because agents can embed detailed information in a single text, and agents have to use several SMS segments to send one long text message. This further leads to high SMS bills as the bill is calculated based on SMS segments used. So, this is where the use of URLs can turn to be a game-changer for your business.

Importance of URLs

Prudent use of URLs can help businesses to redefine marketing strategies and customer experiences. More importantly, users can steer clear of high SMS bills by limiting the SMS segments and convey desired information in just one or two text messages.

On the flipside, URLs are a robust tool to strengthen the brand presence and improve brand recall. Users can opt for custom branded links or branded domains to win the audience’s trust and make their brand recognizable. Thus, every time an individual sees a branded URL, the person can identify it immediately. 

How to use URLs for Payments and case reduction

URLs for Payment

Whether you’re a product seller or a service provider, Salesforce text URLs can help you to simplify and speed up the payment process.

You can generate a payment URL and share it with your customers for fast online payments. For a convenient process, you can share it through SMS or WhatsApp. As you send a payment URL through SMS, it redirects customers to the webpage, and they can securely make payments using their preferred method.


The biggest advantage of using a payment URL is improved purchase and brand experience. In addition to this, payment URL helps businesses to tap into a flexible payment mechanism. Thus, customers can make payments irrespective of their location using the payment method of their choice. More importantly, with 360 SMS link tracking, users can track payment URL click-through and follow-up with the ones who didn’t click or attempt payment.

URLs for Case Reduction

When customers intend to purchase any new product or avail of any service, they often explore numerous websites to find which one is for them. This leads to several questions and inquiries in their mind which they want to clear as soon as possible. Therefore, they opt for either call or live chat to get their inquiries resolved faster. 

So, many times the call or chat sessions get stretched due to detailed discussion. Here again, URLs pave the way to shrink the call or chat sessions and reduce support cases. Agents can reuse their web assets like existing website content, case studies, customer reviews, etc., to send relevant resources based on their inquiries and substantiate the customer’s doubts.


Agents become more efficient as they can resolve more cases in a day by reducing call and chat sessions time frame. This further helps to reduce the agent’s workload by cutting back on incoming inquiries and support cases.

Send Valuable Resources without Exhausting Character Limit

URL is the best way to communicate, substantiate your point effectively. The best part is users can redirect their prospects and customers to any page without exhausting the character limit as URLs are auto-shortened. Also, with custom branded URLs, brands can keep reminding customers of their brand and improve brand recall. Further, users can redefine purchase experiences with payment URLs, which helps build a loyal customer base. 

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