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Benefits of texting

5 Incredible Benefits of Texting over Other Channels

Effective communication can lead to better engagement, better relationships with customers, and more conversion. There are several modes available for communication, like emails, texts, voicemails, and calls. But getting the best and quick medium for communication has become the critical priority of businesses. This is where SMS gets the upper hand over other channels due to its extraordinary texting benefits.

Sidestepping other communication channels, texts have secured the most vital place in business for quick communication at scale. Apart from scalable communication, various other texting benefits have made it a popular choice of organizations over other communication channels.

Texting Benefits Over Other Channels

#1 Instant Reach at Scale in Minutes

SMS is the fastest way to connect with the audience at scale. Whether you’re looking forward to connecting with hundreds of customers or millions, text messages let you connect with audiences in a matter of seconds. Also, as 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of the message being received, this shows that text messages reach your target audience immediately upon being sent.

#2 No Need for Internet Connectivity

Another advantage of using texts for communication is zero dependencies on internet connectivity. Not every individual can afford to bear heavy internet expenses. Thus, being dependent on internet connections to interact with audiences might restrict the business outreach. SMS provides an easy and convenient way to connect with audiences without an internet connection, which one of the most important texting benefits.

#3 Feasibility to Connect at Preferred Time

Text messages make it feasible for organizations to send SMS at the preferred day and time with the help of a text message drip campaign. Agents can schedule texts at various intervals by setting offset by no. of days and time. Thus, the Salesforce drip campaign reduces the manual intervention of employees while sending out each message. Agents can use drip SMS campaigns to automate and trigger reminders, confirmation texts, onboarding texts, and welcome texts at the right time and improve customer experience.

#4 Traceable Delivery

No other communication channel other than SMS allows you to trace the delivery. But the delivery of SMS and WhatsApp messages can be easily tracked with the help of a delivery report. Thus, you can easily anticipate returns based on the total no. of texts delivered.

#5 Reliable Mode of Communication

Text messages ensure you a sure shot-delivery of information without fail. Like emails, SMS does not have spam folders. So by any chance, SMS would not land in a spam box. Thus, SMS lands right in the recipient’s inbox. The best part is, even if the mobile phone is switched off or out of the network coverage area, the message is delivered within 48 hours of being sent.

Retain Old Ones and Acquire New Customers with Personalized Texting

Where calls are not scalable, voicemail delivery is not traceable, and emails come with a low open rate, text messages get you all three benefits just in one communication channel. Text messages help you with scalable interactions without investing much time and allow you to convey messages right on their ubiquitous devices anywhere, anytime.

Also, personalized messaging helps strengthen your relationship with customers and improve customer experiences. This further helps retain old and acquire new customers and drive more conversions.

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