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WhatsApp for Marketing CloudA Perfect App for WhatsApp and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration 

Are you looking forward to integrating WhatsApp with the Marketing Cloud?

Is it just for sending WhatsApp messages from the Marketing Cloud?

Probably, not. You would want something more than that. 

No matter what you want for your business operations, sometimes you just have to make the right decisions. You must choose suitable connectors and apps for integrations to get the best capabilities.

We all know that the Marketing Cloud helps you create the entire customer journey in the best manner, personalizing interactions. Tailoring communications across different touchpoints, channels, and devices is much easier. But it doesn’t do this for texting.

Even using Marketing Cloud mobile studio for texting, you get limited messaging capabilities, which might not be sufficient to cater to specific texting requirements in Marketing Cloud.

This is where 360 SMS comes into play.

Why 360 SMS?

360 SMS is a full-fledged and advanced texting app that offers numerous capabilities for effective texting from Marketing Cloud.  But some users already use Marketing Cloud and have all their other marketing processes set up.

So, they need something built natively rather than capabilities built on top of the Marketing Cloud or customized. They need something that uses MC directly. And this is something the 360 SMS app is good at. 

From reducing the messaging price to text operations time, it provides you with everything you need to text successfully from Marketing Cloud. 

Let’s find out what makes 360 SMS  better than other connectors for integrating Salesforce WhatsApp and the Marketing Cloud.

What You Get from Other Connectors and Apps for WhatsApp Integration with Marketing Cloud

  • Drag and drop capability is something that you may not get with other connectors while integrating WhatsApp and the Marketing Cloud. You have to perform your WhatsApp operations depending on Tasks. The complexity stays the same while sending WhatsApp messages from the Marketing Cloud.


  • WhatsApp messaging cost is 670 times higher than Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio. In the case of SMS, you have to pay for 40 messages when you send one text message. In the same way, WhatsApp messaging is pricey too. 


  • You cannot bring custom fields into the activity. Therefore, you cannot tie messaging to certain conditions.


  • With others, you have to import custom fields and templates manually whenever you compose a message.


  • Using API for WhatsApp Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud involves a lot of coding effort, making the process complex and time-consuming. Nothing comes pre-built; everything is built from scratch to meet the particular business requirement, leading to delayed processes and increased costs. Plus, development and maintenance time is what you must bear in the long run with API integration for WhatsApp.

What you get from 360 SMS for Marketing Cloud

  • With this app, you can bring down the messaging cost drastically. WhatsApp messaging is 670 times cheaper. This is because you don’t have to pay for 40 messages when sending one, which is the case with Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio. You can send WhatsApp messages at a regular price, keeping messaging costs much lower.


  • An ideal Salesforce WhatsApp integration always eases WhatsApp operations for its sales and marketing teams. The same thing is done for Marketing Cloud too. With the 360 SMS app, you can bring drag-and-drop capabilities to the Marketing Cloud. You can eliminate dependencies on cumbersome Tasks in the Marketing Cloud journey builder.


  • You do not need to start everything from scratch. You can import templates and custom field values from Salesforce data and tie messaging to certain conditions. You can even apply filters in the Marketing Cloud. For example, you can bring opt-in and opt-out custom fields, which apply compliance automatically while messaging from Marketing Cloud, and this is something others don’t give.


  • With the 360 SMS app for Marketing Cloud, setup is easy and quick as much effort is not required, and the process is pretty simple.

Usage and Ease of Use with 360 SMS 

  • Integrating the 360 SMS app with Marketing clouds makes things much easier for you, providing extended usage and ease of use.


  • You can create customer journeys and schedule messages faster with drag and drop. You no longer have to create Tasks in journey builder.


  • Launch campaigns within a few minutes using point-and-click capability


  • Bring your business expenses by reducing Marketing Cloud WhatsApp messaging costs. 


  • You can import custom fields and templates, which helps you accelerate message composition. You can edit templates and merge them with any custom field value. Plus, out-of-the-box message composition lets you create messages much faster.


  • You can reuse data already in the Marketing Cloud and import data from any data source for running mobile campaigns.

Do a Lot More than just WhatsApp Messaging by choosing the right WhatsApp and Marketing Cloud Integration.

It might be problematic for you to use Marketing Cloud in default form when there are specific technical requirements and limitations to using it in a particular way. 

Yet, when you look at possible integrations in the market, they try to change the declarative solutions and step outside the Marketing Cloud. 

When you have marketing numbers and data in Marketing Cloud, and your entire process is done through Marketing Cloud or has already trained your teams, you need things built natively. And 360 SMS gives you all the tools you’ll need to run text marketing natively without changing declarative solutions and exhausting your marketing budget.

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