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WhatsApp for BusinessSales and Marketing Teams: Here’s an Ideal Salesforce WhatsApp Integration you Need to Close More Deals

What a business needs to flourish?
A massive customer base is always the prime requirement for businesses to grow.

This is where WhatsApp can help acquire more potential customers for a brand.

If we talk about monthly active users globally, WhatsApp tops the list and is a clear winner.

This makes Salesforce WhatsApp integration essential for businesses to connect with audiences worldwide over the most familiar chatting interface.

That way, sales and marketing teams can incorporate a widely popular channel used by more than 2 billion people in around 180 countries to market and sell their business offerings.

Best WhatsApp messaging capabilities can make a world of difference in marketing returns and sales.

By choosing an ideal integration of Salesforce WhatsApp for business, Sales and marketing can do their tasks better and much more conveniently using advanced capabilities which are hard to get with run-of-the-mill integrations.

So, here’s what an Ideal WhatsApp integration provides to the sales and marketing teams.

What should be your Approach while choosing Integration of Salesforce and WhatsApp for Business

Best Salesforce and WhatsApp integration give you the best WhatsApp capabilities, and this is what you should aim for.

As WhatsApp is widely available and Salesforce does not provide any standard capability to send WhatsApp messages, it is obvious for users to look for the best Salesforce integration with WhatsApp.

Bare minimum capabilities like sending and receiving WhatsApp messages can be enough for marketing and selling business offerings effectively. It needs a lot more.

WhatsApp API integration with Salesforce

Salesforce WhatsApp API integration is one of the known methods for WhatsApp integration in Salesforce, but this can be a little plain.

This kind of integration is cut and dried, providing you with the bare minimum capabilities for WhatsApp messaging.

As nothing is pre-built, you will have to get capabilities built from scratch for specific use cases, which increases the time frame for WhatsApp integration with Salesforce.

And increase the integration cost too.

Besides, it could be a riskier option as changes in the data model, or Salesforce releases could break your integrations.

Over and above, development and maintenance costs are something that you should bear in the long run.

How an Ideal Salesforce WhatsApp Integration Should Be for Sales and Marketing Teams

Time-Efficient Integration

One of the aspects of an ideal Salesforce WhatsApp integration is they are quick.

Integrating a third-party app from AppExchange is the best and quick method to connect Salesforce and WhatsApp.

Wide Range of Features

Your sales and marketing teams can access a wide range of features without limiting themselves to just the bare minimum capabilities.

An ideal Salesforce WhatsApp integration is off-the-charts, allowing for much more in terms of messaging.

They can run drip campaigns, configure chatbots and surveys, send and track URLs, scale messages to millions and gain insights into valuable marketing and sales data like conversions.

Zero-code Automation

Complex automation can be a roadblock for marketing and sales teams.

So, with the best integrations, you can expect smooth automation capabilities.

Without coding, teams should be able to configure chatbots, questionnaires, and surveys and automate messages at scale.

This would be time-saving for teams.

More importantly, marketing and sales teams keep conversations flowing with audiences longer using triggered texting, as chat session usually expires in 24 hours.

They can send an automated text before a chat session expires and converse without interruptions.

Personal WhatsApp for Business

While working with remote marketing and sales teams, accountability is essential.

So if you don’t want to issue a business WhatsApp number to remote teams and wish to use personal WhatsApp, Salesforce WhatsApp business integration should be able to cater to your need through chrome integration.

Besides, auto-chat transcripts also create accountability and help you manage remote teams better and more effectively.

One-on-One Messaging

Audiences can go crazy if they have to repeat themselves every time they connect with a brand.
So, you should expect a convenient messaging interface for P2P messaging accessing chat history.

This would help you deliver quality experiences to customers.

Keep Customers Coming Back and Increase Sales with Best WhatsApp Capabilities

The availability of a wide range of options in the market might leave users confused even more than when they started looking for the Salesforce WhatsApp integration. By giving a familiar and popular platform for messaging, users can compel their audiences to keep returning to their brand. Ultimately, this will help users have better relationships with audiences; over time, they will be in their audiences’ contact and favorite list. Prospects and customers will know in advance whenever a brand contacts them.

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