Salesforce WhatsApp for Messaging AutomationSalesforce WhatsApp Business Integration for Messaging Automation

As a part of a multi-channel communication strategy, WhatsApp has taken a front seat in business communications. 

Being the most popular channel for messaging, where most people spend their maximum time, WhatsApp with automation capabilities has become a critical priority for marketers to grab the audience’s attention faster and speed up their business interactions without getting involved. 

This urge for a robust Salesforce WhatsApp Business integration for messaging automation. So, here’s what you can do next. 

360 SMS for Salesforce WhatsApp Business Integration and Automation

You might be familiar that the easiest, most convenient, and quickest way to integrate Salesforce with WhatsApp is through the AppExchange app. 

360 SMS is a Salesforce native solution that provides you with the ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp integration and allows you to avail of WhatsApp benefits along with ten other channels. 

Thus, you can ditch several integrations of various communication channels with Salesforce.

How 360 Helps with Messaging Automation for WhatsApp

  • Automated Renewal of Chat Sessions 

Like SMS, you cannot send Whatsapp messages to your prospects and customers and start conversing with them. 

The case is different with WhatsApp messages. 

There’s a need to send a pre-approved WhatsApp template to initiate a conversation with prospects and customers. 

And only after getting a response to the first WhatsApp message template; the chat session gets active, and you can get into a back-and-forth conversation. A chat session remains active for 24 hours only. 

This is where you can count on 360 SMS automation to keep chat sessions active for longer than 24 hours for free-flowing conversations.

Integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp using 360 SMS, you can use triggered texting to send a reminder half an hour before the completion of 24 hours with a view of acquiring a customer response and extending the chat session for another 24 hours. This would help keep customers responsive. Otherwise, you’ll have to send templates again. 

  • Automated Chat Transcripts for Accountability

If you’re looking forward to using your personal WhatsApp, we provide you with WhatsApp Chrome integration. 

So, if you have teams working remotely, you do not have to purchase separate Salesforce licenses. 

Any lead they create in Salesforce or conversations they have with clients gets stored in Salesforce. You have all the chat transcripts in your Salesforce, which builds accountability. 

All details of a business lead get captured reliably in Salesforce.

More importantly, remote agents do not require their Salesforce instance or Org.

  • Automated Surveys and Campaigns

If you have to trigger a short one-day campaign, you can send answer options (keyword) to reply after getting a response to the first WhatsApp template.

And based on the incoming keywords, you can trigger surveys, questionnaires, etc., and also take actions in  Salesforce as the 360 SMS iText Actions handler lets you do that. You can update records, send emails, etc.

  • WhatsApp Message Broadcasting

When you want to connect with thousands of WhatsApp users at once, you can count on bulk WhatsApp messages for business outreach. 

You can schedule your first WhatsApp messages (templates) to go out at a specific date and time, or you can send them immediately, depending on your requirements. 

This way, you can scale WhatsApp communications using automation capabilities.

  • Automated Follow-ups on WhatsApp 

Not necessarily you always have to send a follow-up text within 24 hours. There may be scenarios where you want to follow up with customers on WhatsApp after days without a miss. 

To deal with such situations, you can count on WhatsApp-approved follow-up templates and schedule them to go out on a specified date and time. This way, you can follow up without a miss.

WhatsApp and Automation for Meaningful and Reliable Interactions

Quick and effective communication is a critical priority for businesses of all sizes. This is where message automation comes into the picture.

By choosing an ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp integration and messaging automation capabilities, firms can easily drive responses by connecting with the audiences over a platform where they already are and also communicate reliably by automating follow-ups and chat session renewals. 

To know more about 360 SMS capabilities for WhatsApp, turn to our experts at or contact us here.