Salesforce WhatsApp Integration The Ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

Have you ever thought about what makes business communications effective?

Engagement quotient and credibility are two crucial factors that make business interactions effective, contributing to customer satisfaction. And WhatsApp business helps with both. Its verified business profile makes your business more credible.

Besides, its rich-media format allows you to add new dimensions to customer engagement. In addition, you can connect with audiences over the most popular and familiar chatting platform with a user base of 2 billion in over 180 countries for more engagement.

These are just a few concrete reasons why WhatsApp is one of the top channels on the list of business communication channels, and Salesforce users look for ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp Integration.

Salesforce WhatsApp Integration with Others

API Integration

One traditional way to integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce is API integration. You can integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce using REST/SOAP APIs, but this method is less flexible.

This kind of integration demands time and resources as everything needs to be built from scratch, whether it is apex classes, lightning components/VF pages, apex triggers, scheduled jobs, etc.

Every minute change in templates needs coding, testing, and deployment. And not to mention, writing test classes and apex code take effort and time.

Even worse, you get limited WhatsApp capabilities. If you’re looking for any feature addition, you have to pay developers, which shoots up your overall integration costs.

Further, deployment management is another headache that comes with API integration. 

Direct Method

Another way is a direct approach. For this, you need lightning experience with the digital engagement add-on SKU or Service or Sales cloud alongside Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with a Chat license.

This kind of integration again urges investment, developer assistance, and maintenance. 

So, with others, you can expect cut-and-dried and plain integrations, which are less flexible and comes with limited WhatsApp capabilities.

Salesforce WhatsApp Integration with the 360 SMS app

Just give it a shot- What makes the Salesforce WhatsApp integration ultimate?

It’s the less set-up time, ease of use, and advanced capabilities that Salesforce WhatApp integration provides.

The best, quickest, and easiest way to integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce is to integrate a full-fledged multi-channel app through AppExchange. And this is where you can count on the 360 SMS app.

What you’d normally get with others through integrations is nothing compared to the 360 SMS app.

What Makes it Ultimate Salesforce WhatApp integration 

  • Quick Integration

The 360 SMS app integration is barely a matter of 5 minutes, which makes it quick.

Further, we handle the entire WhatsApp API enablement process on the user’s behalf, saving them from hassle.

  • Complete Feature Set

What you get with our integration is so off the chart. You get the best and most complete feature set ever, including no-code message scheduling and automation capabilities.

More importantly, you don’t even have to integrate it as it comes pre-integrated. And not just integrated, it’s embedded.

  • Granular Controls

With our integration, it’s like you are upgrading your WhatsApp for yourself, which helps you access an improved version of WhatsApp.

You get granular controls on campaigns and decision trees where you can trigger surveys or questionnaires while running a drip campaign. 

Also, you can view at which campaign stage a user is, add members to existing drip campaigns, and trigger actions based on campaign responses.

  • Pre-built Capabilities

What’s more interesting about this integration is you don’t have to build capabilities from scratch with us. Everything is pre-built and configured.

  • Feasibility of Using Personal WhatsApp

Besides, we have crome integration for businesses using personal WhatsApp. This prevents you from issuing a business WhatsApp number to remote teams.

But with crome integration, your remote teams can directly access  Salesforce and the 360 SMS app through the chrome browser.

This creates accountability because you stay updated when remote employees don’t respond to their leads, try to poach business leads, or misbehave with them.

  • Automated and Triggered Texting

Also, you must be familiar that a WhatsApp chat session remains active for 24 hours. So, before its expiry, you need to send an approved template to keep the chat session live. That would be crazy for you to keep track of.

With the 360 SMS app, you can automate the process. You can send automated texts before the chat session expires. This way, you can keep WhatsApp chat sessions active with minimal interference.

  • P2P Messaging

Over and above, our one-on-one messaging is as convenient as personal WhatsApp.

You can tap into meaningful P2P messaging by accessing chat history and using rich media for conversations. 

Cut Back on Time, Investments, and Resources with Ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

Salesforce WhatsApp Integration may be challenging, time-consuming, and rigid with others, but not with the 360 SMS app. 

With us, you don’t have to build capabilities from scratch. Instead, you get everything pre-built and embedded. Besides, you get extra features you don’t even have to maintain as those keep getting upgraded. This helps you cut back on business investments eliminating developers and maintenance costs.

To penetrate deeper into our WhatsApp and other multi-channel messaging capabilities, turn to our experts at or contact us here.