Compliant WhatsApp messagingUse WhatsApp Business with Salesforce Compliantly

You might have noticed that when you do any activity against the will of the related person, high chances are that a person gets annoyed. 

The same thing applies to business texting. When you send business messages without a person’s consent, it might lead to frustration. This further can lead to legal actions by customers. This is why compliant texting should always be a critical priority while using text messages for business. 

More importantly, compliance not only applies to SMS only. It extends to other channels as well, like WhatsApp. If you’re also looking for the ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp integration to use WhatsApp messaging from Salesforce, messaging compliance should always be on top of your mind. 

Here’s how you can use WhatsApp Business with Salesforce compliantly.

360 SMS and Compliance

360 SMS is a Salesforce native texting solution that’s compliant by design and helps its users stay compliant while messaging using a fully-matured compliant mechanism.

With Salesforce WhatsApp integration using 360 SMS, you get numerous out-of-the-box capabilities over a regular integration. This makes this integration ultimate. 

The app allows you to use WhatsApp Business with Salesforce compliantly. You can easily get around to GDPR compliance requirements for Salesforce messaging. 

How 360 SMS Helps with Compliant WhatsApp Messaging

  • Double Opt-in

In many countries, texting laws are strict. This includes Switzerland, Germany, and other EU countries. This makes double opt-in a best practice to stay compliant with GDPR. 

In case of double opt-in, organizations send a second text confirming that a customer has opted in once.

Once a customer responds to the confirmation text and gives his consent, this is called double opt-in.

  • AI-based Opt-out

AI-based unsubscribe capability makes it easier for users to manage opt-outs. Traditionally, audiences are opted out based on incoming keywords like STOP, UNSUB, etc.

But this AI-based opt-out capability helps users opt-out people based on their intent.

For example, If a user texts “Hey, Don’t text me again”, the message sender will opted-out automatically.

  • Selective Opt-In and Opt-Out

360 SMS allows users to manage opt-in or opt-outs selectively. Users can opt-in or opt-out audiences as per their preferences.

Thus, you can enable your audiences to choose which channel, department, message, or content type they want to opt-in or opt out instead of a blanket opt-out.

Besides, you can add a custom field if any new compliance requirement arises for  Salesforce messaging. 

  • Serverless Architecture

Another critical factor that helps with compliant WhatsApp business messaging is 360 SMS serverless architecture.

Because of its serverless architecture, it stores no data in the servers, which eliminates the scope of data misuse.

Further, if someone tries to hack or steal data, the data is garbled due to TLS 1.2 authentication. This adds to data security.

Eliminate The Risk of Financial Penalities, Send WhatsApp Messages Compliantly

Without a doubt, WhatsApp has become a popular and effective business channel for interactions. Also, it helps increase the audience base and scale interactions as it is a popular choice of people globally. But not adhering to texting rules and regulations even while WhatsApp messaging can impact your results adversely.

Besides, it can lead to heavy financial loss and fines. 360 SMS makes it easier for users to message audiences compliantly through WhatsApp and steer clear of financial penalties.

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