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Everything you Should Know about Chatbots 

With the changing scenarios and technological advancement, Chatbots have emerged as a powerful tool for business operations. With Chatbots, not only can business ventures take their customer services to the next level but improve customer experiences. Besides, chatbots have paved the way to cut back on operational costs and handle more customers simultaneously.

But getting a chatbot for business interactions is not as simple as it seems to be. Several factors can be a roadblock in the way of owning a chatbot.

Challenges while Creating Chatbots

Budget Constraints

The development of a chatbot can be a costly affair as it requires a high level of coding and trained resources. Though a chatbot can help reduce operational costs, its development urges hefty investment. This is one of the biggest hindrances when a firm plans to get a chatbot.

Chatbot Testing

Another challenge faced by coders after developing a chatbot is its testing. For testing, either developers need automation testing platforms like TestyourBot, Bot Testing, etc., or perform testing manually. In both cases, it requires time, money, and resource investment. This is again a challenging part that teams face when they need to create chatbots.

How can Chatbots Help Teams

Helps Open up Call Queue by Answering Common Questions Over the Chatbot

Customers often call customer service representatives for trivial issues and most common concerns. Due to this, human service agents have to attend back-to-back calls, and this affects their productivity. 

This is where chatbots come to the rescue. Chatbots are best-suited for the most common inquiries or frequently asked questions. Thus, agents can put chatbots at work and open up their call queues by answering basic questions over the chatbot.

Allows Agents to Act faster and Efficiently with All the Necessary Details

Every prospect is different and comes with unique queries. So, it is not feasible to configure a chat that can provide a to-the-point solution to every unique inquiry. So ultimately, chatbots lead the way to human service agents. 

Another way chatbots can help agents is by cutting back on their effort. Without chatbots, human agents have to start the conversation from scratch and collect their details and requirements. This extends the timeframe of the interaction session. This reduces the support case an agent solves in a day. 

So, agents can count on chatbots for a preliminary conversation. Chatbots can gather customer data and concerns in an interactive way by asking questions. So, with all the relevant data by their side, agents can perform much efficiently and faster.

Helps to improve CSAT Score

First contact resolution plays a vital role in improving CSAT. The easier and faster it is for a customer to find a solution, the higher the chances are for customers to stay loyal. Here, again chatbots can help. Therefore, chatbots can collect diverse data from customers, like their details, issues, etc. 

Further, these concerns can be assigned to the right product expert and skilled team. As a result, agents are already prepared and well-versed with customer concerns. This enables them to handle the customer’s inquiries or issues effectively on the very first call. This is how chatbots can help to improve CSAT scores.

Difference between Build Vs. Buy Vs. Point-and-Click Chatbots

Business ventures have three options to own a chatbot for their business processes. Every method comes with its own limitation.

Building a Chatbot

Getting a chatbot created with desired capabilities is not an easy task. This is because building a chatbot from scratch requires time, money, and resources. This turns the entire process into a long-drawn and expensive one. Also, chatbot building involves several components like experimenting with new features, chatbot testing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, etc. All this requires high investment. But 360 SMS can be one of the best options to build a chatbot.

Buying a Chatbot

Buying a chatbot is a bit easy option than creating a chatbot for Salesforce. This is because it saves time. But the major concern associated with buying a chatbot is users cannot expect everything in one chatbot that they are looking for. Somewhere they have to compromise and accept chatbot in its barebone format. 

Point-And-Click Chatbot

Point-and-click capability helps you with easy automation. Thus, you can create chatbots on your own for different use cases using point-and-click automation. The best part is you do not need to be from a technical background to design chatbots. 

Importance of Point-And-Click Chatbot

Business and customer needs are ever-changing. So, if you have all the controls and capabilities to alter the chatbot with the changing business process, you can easily configure dynamic chatbots. This will help to improve business processes and use different chatbots for different departments, goals, etc. 

Capturing responses at scale is one of the daunting tasks businesses deal with. So, one of the best ways to collect responses faster is dynamic conversation trees or Surveys. But every time an organization runs a Survey, business expenses go up. Thus, point-and-click automation not only can help to configure chatbots but Surveys also.

A Chatbot is the best pick for keyword-based conversations. Also, chatbots can prevent you from losing out on many opportunities. So, you can also trigger instant responses in the case of a desired incoming keyword in SMS without developer assistance. You can configure Chatbots for keyword-based communications and also use chatbots to capture detailed data.

Create and Configure Chatbots on Your Own without Experts

The capability to build chatbots on your own not only prevents you from being dependent on developers but helps to accelerate business processes. More importantly, every employee is equipped to create a chatbot irrespective of the fact whether an individual is from a technical background or not. Above all, you do not have to spend a huge amount every time you need a chatbot to cater to a specific use case.

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