Send birthday greetings

How and When to Send Birthday Messages using Messaging Service

Many life events hold special importance in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other life event people are usually excited to celebrate it with enthusiasm. And this is because there are certain emotions and feelings associated with a particular date or event. One of the most important of all events is Birthday. So, nothing can be as good as being a part of the customer’s life events and getting a brand noticed. This is where organizations can count on text messages to send Birthday greetings at any time of the day or at a specified time without any manual intervention.

When to Send Birthday Messages

Every organization has its own strategies to value customers and keep them happy. But sending a greeting on the customer’s Birthday works for all business ventures regardless of their size. Generally, organizations prefer to send Birthday wishes to their customers during the daytime, but many organizations prefer to send Birthday greetings at midnight. 

This can be a good move for brands with the changing scenarios and customers’ expectations. So, being the first one to wish your customers at midnight could be a great way to show that you care about them and have put extra effort to greet them at midnight.

Different Ways to Send Birthday Greetings

Broadcast Messages to Millions

One of the best ways to send Birthday messages without manual intervention is scheduling. Not just hundreds and thousands, but you can send Birthday greetings to millions using bulk messaging.

The best part is, you can create custom reports applying filters and logic and schedule them to run at midnight. This is one of the easiest methods for non-coders to automate and send messages at a specified time without expert assistance.

Run Batch Scheduler for Coded Automation

The batch apex can help process a large number of records whether you want to run a daily or weekly maintenance task. With batch scheduling, you can schedule and execute a series of jobs in the background without any need for human intervention. 

This is the perfect way for coders. With the help of developers, you can create a batch scheduler that runs midnight and send birthday greetings.

Send Voicemail to Add a Human Touch

For personalized Birthday greetings, business ventures think calls are the best and only option, but there’s a more powerful alternate called voice notes. For faster operations and less typing work, you can create Salesforce Birthday greeting voice templates in advance and schedule them to go out on a specific date and time. 

By sending voice notes, you can make your customers feel as though you’re wishing them personally and add a human touch to your messages to reinforce your relationships. 

Wish Customers Where They Already Are

Adding a visual appeal to your messages can make your text messages more innovative and appealing. Thus, you can send personalized greeting cards, short videos, gifs, images, etc., to wish customers innovatively on their Birthdays. 

Besides, you can schedule and send greetings in bulk over a channel where customers already are. This may include WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, etc., to improve customer experiences and satisfaction with your brand.

Send Innovative Birthday Greetings and Strengthen your Bond

There can be numerous ways to wish your customers on special days like Birthdays. But texts provide the most reliable channel to wish customers on their hand-held devices. Also, the high open rate of texts ensures that your message will be read by customers. Thus, you can easily send innovative Birthday greetings using SMS or other messaging platforms at midnight. This will help to value your customers, strengthen your bond, and send special deals and offers on their Birthdays.

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