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salesforce chat integrationDriving Revenue Growth: Harnessing the Benefits of Salesforce Live Chat Integration

Picture this: A potential customer is exploring your website and has certain queries that he wants to get resolved right away. Hoping the same, he texts to connect with a support or service agent after business hours but doesn’t get any response.

Don’t you think it could be a loss of opportunity for your business if no one is there to address incoming inquiries, irrespective of the time?

Yes, it is. A prospect is approaching you with what intent you never know, while some of them may have a high purchase intent, and it can cost you the loss of many opportunities,  making a severe impact on your revenue figures.

What’s needed here is the ability to address incoming inqueries around the clock. Not only this, but every incoming inquiry needs to be addressed effectively so that no business opportunity slips through your fingers. Here, the urge is for Salesforce live chat integration.

Live Chat is becoming increasingly popular among businesses for quality support and services.

Even in a report by Thrive My Way, the market of Live chat services is expected to reach around $987 million by the end of 2023.

In this blog, we will discuss what exactly live chat integration is. We will also find out what values you can add to your business with the help of Salesforce Live Chat integration to grow your revenue.

What is Live Chat Integration with Salesforce?

Live chat integration with Salesforce is a process that allows users to incorporate the Live chat capabilities in Salesforce. With this capability, customers and website visitors can interact with a company representative in real-time. 

Whether customers and website visitors are looking forward to seeking assistance or getting information on a specific topic, they can get into a one-on-one conversation right away, no matter what time it is.

And customers love this. 

Do you know, according to Popupsmart, 51% of clients repeat purchases from a firm if live chat support is offered by them?

After reading this, a question may come up in your mind-  Do I need more resources to manage round-the-clock availability and reap the benefits of Live chatting for business?

The answer is No. 

After all, it is about real-time conversations and assistance. The best way to offer live chat services is with the help of Salesforce chat integration and human agents.

For instance, you can deploy a chatbot to handle frequent and repeated inquiries after business hours, or you can set up a chatbot to engage instantly and assist customers with the basic information they need. Further, a query can be escalated to the human agent when a query is unresolved by a chatbot.

Now that you’re aware of what potential Live chat service holds for your business let’s discuss what key purposes live chat can solve for your business.

How Live Chat Integration with Salesforce Paves the Way for Revenue Growth

Live chat integration with SalesforceReal-Time Engagement and Faster Resolution to Queries

Today’s customers are impatient because of easy access to everything at their fingertips. Therefore, to meet the dynamic demands of modern customers, you need to be quick with your support and service assistance. This way, you can prevent your customers from waiting to get their queries resolved.

With Live Chat, customers or website visitors do not have to wait for responses. They can engage in real-time with service and support agents. 

When customers don’t get a quick resolution, there are chances to switch to other competitors. With Live chat, customers can receive immediate assistance for their problems, leading to faster issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Convenience and Improved Customer Satisfaction

If we talk about other communication channels for support and service, like calls and emails, certain factors can lead to inconvenience. It is difficult to rely on emails for quick one-on-one conversations. Also, it is difficult for prospects and customers to connect with agents when they are busy on another call. 

No more waiting on hold to connect with service representatives or for email replies, only faster responses– these are the conveniences brands can offer with Live chat. And quick response time always contributes to positive customer experiences. Providing convenient and swift support through live chat enhances the overall customer experience, leading to better brand perception.

The best part about offering support through live chatting is more personalized interactions. Support agents can tweak conversations based on the customers’ questions, inquiries, or specific needs. 

Increased Likelihood of Sales and Conversions

Not all customers send text to enquire. Some prospects with high purchase intent also send texts to clear trivial doubts. So, if these kinds of doubts are cleared during critical decision-making moments, it increases the likelihood of conversion.

Live chat Salesforce integration also helps you with this concern. You can easily offer what is needed by prospects through immediate support and services.

Another considerable aspect of live chat integration with Salesforce for conversions is it paves the way to generate multiple leads simultaneously. With the combination of a chatbot and human agents, it is easy to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. This helps to generate more leads for business and improve conversions.

Salesforce Live Chat integration to Redefine Support and Services

Salesforce live chat integration is a productive move to generate more leads for business and accelerate business growth. Your customers and website visitors do not have to wait for your responses. This helps you seize incoming opportunities right away. You can easily gear up to extend your support and services outside business hours, maximizing your customer satisfaction level. You can cater to the target audiences residing in different time zones without limiting yourself to traditional business hours. 

Moreover, you can also steer clear of customer frustration by being available for them whenever needed, improving your customer attention rate. Want to know how you can make live chatting more effective with advanced texting capabilities? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.


Live chat integration allows businesses to respond immediately to incoming inquiries and get into quick conversations with customers. With the combination of human resources and chatbots, businesses can resolve complex customer issues faster and more efficiently. Also, businesses can mark their availability 24/7 and deliver quality support and services to prospects and customers.

The most convenient way to get automated live chat in Salesforce is to integrate an app that supports no code chatbot. With this kind of capability, you can configure chatbots with point-and-click and without needing any Salesforce expert assistance. This way, you can be available for your customers round the clock and respond instantly, no matter when they send you an inquiry.

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The best way to offer Live chat service is through?
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