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Salesforce survey appEliminating Survey Hassles: What the Right App Holds for You to Run Salesforce Surveys

If the right business decisions can make your business, wrong business decisions can also break it. Therefore, switch to decision-making based on data and analytics. This will prevent you from making wrong decisions for the business. To make the right decisions in business, Survey is the best tool.

 It helps to capture data at scale without inconvenience. Companies already familiar with the importance of service have started reaping the benefit of data-driven decisions for business.

However, different problems that come with the traditional way of running services still persist, which restricts them from unlocking the full potential of surveys for their business.

In this blog, we will discuss what type of problems coming with traditional survey methods are limiting for you. We will also delve deeper into how you can eliminate these Survey hassles with the right Salesforce Survey app for your business. 

Problems Coming with Traditional Salesforce Surveys for Business

Customer Response Rates are Low 

When you conduct Surveys through traditional methods, which include papers, phone calls, emails, etc., the customer response rate is often lower. People may be less inclined to participate due to the inconvenience of filling out physical forms or taking time for phone interviews.

Consumes More Time 

Traditional surveys can be time-consuming for both businesses and respondents. It takes time to design, distribute, and collect responses using traditional methods, leading to delayed insights.

Needs More Investment

Printing paper surveys or conducting phone surveys can be costly, especially for large-scale surveys that require significant resources.

According to The Learning Agency, a high-quality survey for 1000 people costs around $30,000.

Lacks Scalability

Traditional surveys may have limited reach, especially if they target specific demographics or geographic areas. This restricts the diversity of responses and may not represent the broader audience accurately.

Prone to Human Errors

Collating and analyzing data from paper-based surveys or manually inputting data from phone interviews can be error-prone and time-consuming.

SMS Integration with Salesforce for the Best Survey Features

The ability of several apps for Salesforce Surveys makes it difficult for businesses to choose the right one. And when we say the right Salesforce survey app, this means the app that can help you get around various problems that comes with the traditional method of running Surveys. 

In addition, text Surveys have come up as the best, most convenient, and most scalable solution that has simplified data capturing to a great degree. 

The app is designed keeping in mind the problem of Survey users holds a huge potential to make the process of running Salesforce Surveys easier.

You can also opt for SMS integration with Salesforce, which offers well-defined capabilities concerning text Surveys. This will help you get a wide range of advanced texting features along with Survey capabilities. 

This eliminates the need for integrating a separate Salesforce survey app that can help you with only Surveys and no other capabilities for texting. We have listed the most crucial capability you can aim for when opting for SMS integration with Salesforce to get the ease of configurability for Survey.

The Best Capability for Building SMS Salesforce Surveys

DIY Configurable Surveys, also known as Do-It-Yourself Configurable Surveys, refer to survey creation and customization processes that do not require coding or technical expertise.

These surveys are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals with no programming knowledge, empowering them to create and configure SMS surveys easily through simple point-and-click interfaces.

Why Point-and-Click Text Salesforce Surveys are the Best

Higher Response Rate

The best part about using an SMS Salesforce survey is you can expect a high customer response rate.

Keeping aside the hassle of filling out forms or staying on phone calls to answer your survey questions, you can make it easier for your audiences to participate in surveys through texting.

This type of convenience encourages your prospects and customers to engage, respond, and participate in Salesforce surveys.

As the Business News Daily article mentioned, SMS Surveys have 209% higher chances of responses compared to any other Survey method.

User-Friendly Salesforce Surveys

DIY Configurable Surveys eliminate the need for complex coding or technical skills, making it easy for non-technical users to design and deploy surveys. The user-friendly interface allows users to drag and drop various elements, customize question formats, and set up survey logic without any programming knowledge. 

Users can easily configure different surveys to collect unique types of data for specific purposes. More importantly, if any changes are required in surveys over time, they can do it on their own without delay.


By eliminating the need for coding and technical assistance, DIY Configurable Surveys significantly reduce the time required to create and launch surveys. 

Users no longer have to wait for expert developers to get free from their routine tasks to get a survey configured. Users can quickly set up and publish surveys, enabling faster data collection and analysis.


DIY Configurable Surveys save costs associated with hiring technical experts or programmers to design and customize surveys. 

Traditionally, businesses have to invest every time they want to run a survey,  which increases their business investments. 

With self-sufficiency to create surveys, they can create surveys in-house without the need for additional resources and investment.


The configurability of DIY surveys allows users to customize and make changes in  Salesforce Surveys anytime they need. 

They can change answer options or tweak Salesforce surveys depending on the new business requirements without investing a single penny. 

Think Beyond Just Getting an App for Salesforce Surveys 

Several types of problems that come with the traditional method of Surveys restrict businesses from harnessing the full potential of Surveys. As a result, they prefer limited use of Surveys. In contrast, businesses can incorporate the use of surveys into various business operations to capture different types of data and make data-driven decisions.

Rather than focusing on getting the right Salesforce survey app, you can focus on getting the right SMS integration with Salesforce, which offers advanced survey-building capabilities along with other texting features. This will help you make your investments worthwhile. You can ditch multiple investments in different apps for surveys, texting, channels, etc. Want to start with no-code Surveys? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.

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