Facebook integration for Centralized communicationFacebook Messenger Salesforce Integration for Centralized Communication

Have you ever noticed that it is easier to find things that are kept in a fixed place instead of multiple ones?

Yes, it is. Because you know where you’ll find a specific thing and in which direction you have to proceed.

You know what?

This applies to business also. 

No matter which communication channel you’re using to communicate with your customers, centralized communication is crucial.

Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook’s presence has become essential for brands. This urge Facebook messenger Salesforce integration for centralized communication to manage Facebook leads better.

Imagine your team needs some information urgently while talking to a Facebook business lead, but because of a lack of centralized communication, the member is struggling to find the relevant data.

What kind of impression would it create over a customer?

So, to get around all such situations, you need an ultimate Salesforce Facebook integration.

Facebook Messenger Salesforce Integration for Centralized Communication

With a centralized communication system, you can pull data from different channels and process information effectively.

360 SMS is a Salesforce native solution that provides you with the best Facebook Messenger Salesforce integration for centralized communications.

With this powerful integration, you can centralize Facebook data along Salesforce messages from other channels like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Instagram, etc., to provide a consistent experience to your customers across all channels.

You can unify the complete B2C journey with 2-way messaging on Facebook.

  • Targeted Campaigns

You might be familiar that with 360 SMS Facebook Salesforce integration, you can design your Surveys and questionnaires on your own with point-and-click capabilities for data capturing. 

Imagine you want to run a targeted campaign on some channel other than Facebook. 

How tedious it would be to collect data from where Facebook data is stored and then run a campaign on the other channel?

360 SMS centralizes your data and communications, and you can access data from different channels in one place.

Thus, you can run  Salesforce campaigns effectively. Even better, you can apply filters and logic to segment your audiences based on their SMS responses. This would help you run more targeted campaigns.

Apart from this, you can run multi-channel campaigns targeting people on multiple channels for more responses and engagement.

  • Chatbots and P2P Messaging

You can even configure no-code chatbots for qualifying inquiries from Facebook.

Later on, using the centralized Facebook data, you can hand over those inquiries to qualified agents based on their skills and the nature of the inquiry.

Further, human agents can get into P2P messaging or hop over a call to resolve their concerns faster, providing the best solution.

More importantly, you can get into meaningful conversations with all Facebook data at your fingertips.

You can keep multiple chat windows active on your desktop and even close them without losing chats.

Bring All Your Facebook Data in One Place and Improve Business Communications

Centralized communication is one of the bases of effective communication. With scattered data, it gets difficult for agents to deliver a consistent experience across different communication channels. For collecting required information, agents keep on struggling between emails, calls, and messages, which extends the turnarounds of business operations.

With Facebook Messenger Salesforce integration through 360 SMS, users can centralize Facebook data and access every information required to carry out operations seamlessly. This saves time and effort, eliminating the need for back-and-forth internal communications for collecting data.

To know more about how you can make the best out of Facebook with 360 SMS capabilities,  turn to our experts at care@360smsapp.com or contact us here.