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Facebook Salesforce integrationBeyond the Basics: Facebook Messenger Salesforce Integration Features and Use Cases

With numerous advanced capabilities by your side, you can be more innovative with business operations and improve productivity. This is why you always need to choose the right integration while incorporating any channel in Salesforce. 

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the most crucial channels businesses need to flourish.

Being a number 1 social media channel, it acts as a floodgate of opportunities and provides you with everything you need to grow a business. 

According to Statista, around 33 minutes are spent on Facebook by an American user daily. 

Facebook provides a massive user base, which can easily help you generate new business opportunities, drive engagement, and retain customers. And all this can be done when you have the right capabilities to manage and nurture Facebook leads in Salesforce. 

This creates an urge to choose the correct Facebook Salesforce integration. This way, you can get advanced capabilities to manage Salesforce Facebook operations.

Let’s look at the capabilities you need to manage Salesforce Facebook operations and how to use them.

Salesforce Facebook Integration to Manage Facebook Operations Efficiently

Facebook Salesforce integrationScalable Facebook Messaging

Business communications can never be limited to one or two prospects or customers. 

One of the prime business goals is to improve business outreach and provide more exposure to products and services. 

And to achieve this goal, it is essential to connect with a large audience segment. This is where you need scalable messaging to target millions on Facebook in one go. You can get this by choosing the right Facebook messenger Salesforce integration.

Example Use-Case

Say you are an educational institution conducting an alumni meet and want to send invites in the absence of contact numbers. You can count on Facebook bulk messaging to send bulk invites.


Hi Sam,

SG University is organizing an Alumni Meet on 23rd February at University Campus between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will appreciate your presence.

One-On-One Facebook Messaging

When you want to use any channel in Salesforce to the fullest, sticking to a single messaging routine won’t help. 

One-way messaging isn’t always what you want for smooth Facebook operations. 

Often, Facebook audiences want to connect and converse one-on-one to inquire about a product or acquire support. 

According to the Sprout Social Index, 60% of customers get customer service through Facebook.

Therefore, you should be able to communicate effectively when any prospect or customer wants to chat one-on-one over Facebook. This is why the right Salesforce Facebook messenger integration is crucial for effective Facebook operations.

Example Use-Case

Say you are running a Wellness center and want to introduce a new range of health supplements. You can run Facebook ads to present your new business offerings to potential customers. 

You can expect multiple incoming inquiries from prospects in response to your Facebook ads.

An example of the conversation

Prospect- Hi

Agent- Hi, how can I help you?

Prospect- I would like to know about your new supplement range. Is a doctor’s prescription necessary to buy this supplement?

Agent- No. Even without a doctor’s prescription, you can use it as it is our supplement range is completely organic.

Prospect- Okay, thanks.

Point-and-Click Facebook Campaigns

Configuration of Salesforce Facebook campaigns can be time-consuming due to a lot of coding work. 

Also, you have to depend on experts to get campaigns configured properly. 

Even worse, when developers are busy with other tasks, you have to wait until they are free, which leads to extended Facebook operations time.

Ideally, you should be able to configure and schedule each Facebook campaign text depending on your requirement. A proper Salesforce Facebook messenger integration can help you with this concern.

With the right integration, you can target your Facebook audiences over different channels ( if they are using any) using a single drip campaign.

With this approach, engagement will be high, and so the responses.

Example Use case 

Say you are an educational institution and want to run a Facebook campaign to increase participation from those who have signed up for a webinar.

You can schedule a series of Facebook messages to do so.

Text 1- FB text when someone signs up for a 3 days webinar

Thanks for showing interest in our upcoming webinar for AI courses.

Text 2- Reminder before Webinar

Hi Alex, this is just a gentle reminder. 

3 days webinar starts tomorrow. 

Text 3-  At the end of the first, 2nd, and 3rd webinar

Hope you have enjoyed today’s session.

Missed it?

Don’t worry. We will send you webinar recordings on demand after the webinars.

Text 4-  Feedback text

Thanks for attending our Facebook webinars. Hope you enjoyed it. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

Click on this link to submit your responses. http//GHuniversity/webinarfeedback.

In case you missed it, text ‘MISS’ to the same message to receive recordings.

DIY Chatbots for Facebook

Often, it is difficult for businesses to be available and serve customers round-the-clock on Facebook Messenger.

This is where they need a reliable solution that can address customer inquiries 24*7.

Facebook is growing increasingly. So there can be an inflow of leads all day and night. 

Leaving Facebook untouched for so long can cost you a loss of opportunities. 

If a firm is looking forward to setting up a Facebook business page or if it’s already set up but the addition of a chatbot is not taken into consideration, there is a fair chance of missing out on many opportunities.

This is because incoming opportunities at night time can go unattended.

Usually, companies have to spend heavily every time they want to get a chatbot configured based on their business use cases. 

Therefore, Facebook messaging automation should be easy to configure. This is something an ideal Salesforce Facebook integration should provide. 

Example Use case

Say you are a real estate company with a Facebook page to attract new leads. To address incoming inquiries 24*7, you can set up a chatbot to assist prospective buyers and sellers.




Hi, What can I help you today with?

  •  Buying a property
  •  Selling a property
  •  Others


Buying a property


 What are your requirements

  •  2 BHK
  •  3 BHK
  •  4 BHK
  •  Other

Make an Impact by Getting the Right Feature From your Salesforce Facebook Integration

The right set of features is always important to make the best out of any communication platform. This is applicable to Facebook as well. By choosing the right Facebook Salesforce integration, you can get everything you need to grow your business using Facebook. You can redefine Facebook business communications with powerful messaging capabilities.

More importantly, implementing advanced features provided by Facebook messenger Salesforce integration would not be an issue when you have certain use cases to study (as illustrated in this blog). 

You can reach out to our experts at or click here to contact us to get this ideal Salesforce Facebook integration for your firm and make the best out of Facebook for your business.