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Salesforce FacebookA Complete Salesforce Facebook Integration for Sales and Marketing

According to a sprout social study– 68% of consumers agree that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies, and 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social.

This is the power of social media, making it essential for brands to mark a remarkable presence on social media.

As social media channels go, Facebook is the number one social media channel that dominates the entire world. 

Businesses can use Facebook’s massive user base to increase their audience and tap into highly targeted marketing using its targeting tools. 

Marketing and selling can be much easier for businesses when they have the best tools and capabilities. So, there are certain features firms should expect from Facebook Salesforce integration to sell and market the right way over Facebook. And these features are hard to get with just any vanilla Facebook messenger Salesforce integration.

How an Ideal Salesforce Facebook Messenger Integration Should be for Sales and Marketing Teams

What You Get with Regular Salesforce Facebook Integration 

What users get with regular integration through Facebook API may not be enough for selling and marketing operations effectively. 

It gets you the bare minimum capabilities, like sending and receiving Facebook messages. 

With API integrations, nothing comes pre-installed. 

So, if users need any specific capability, developers are required to build things from scratch, which further increases the development cost. 

The process could be a bit time-taking due to coding work.

In short, users get minimal capabilities from APIs that limit the powers of sales and marketing teams. 

Further, frequent customizations and modifications to meet specific requirements can also ruin integrations, affecting business productivity.

But users can expect a lot more over and above regular Facebook integrations by choosing an ideal Salesforce Facebook integration.

Salesforce Facebook Integration Shouldn’t be Time-consuming

Every second is vital for professionals. 

So, it would be good if you could reduce the time for Salesforce Facebook messenger integration. 

You can choose a third-party app from AppExchange to get the best capabilities for Facebook to help you succeed. 

This way, you can reduce integration time from days and hours to minutes (Hardly 5-10 min).

Facebook Communications Should be Scalable

When you connect Salesforce to Facebook, you should be able to connect with millions. 

Scalable communication is essential for sales and marketing teams to interact with multiple Facebook prospects and customers in one go. 

This will help to cut back on repeat calls and waiting time for customer responses after sending emails. 

As a result, the marketing and sales teams can be more efficient and close more deals.

Facebook Text Automation should be Quick and Easy 

Ideal Facebook messenger Salesforce integration supports smooth and easy automation. 

This enables sales and marketing teams to be self-dependent while configuring text automation. 

With DIY configurable automation, teams can configure Facebook text automation with drag and drop. 

They can run Facebook surveys, questionnaires, and chatbots to automate business interactions and engage immediately with Facebook leads.

Granular Control over Campaigns

Granular controls over campaigns allow sales and marketing teams to run Facebook campaigns more effectively. And this is something an ideal Salesforce Facebook integration provides.

They can run campaigns defining the date and time for each Facebook message they want to send. 

More importantly, users are never tied to text scheduling based on date and time. 

They can schedule Facebook campaign messages deciding offset by the number of days, hours, and minutes and trigger messages before or after a specific action, having more control over campaigns.

Teams also get UI to view at which campaign stage a person is. This helps them to plan campaigns better, adding or removing members.

Complete Compliance Mechanism for Facebook Messaging

Compliant Facebook texting is a must-have to make the best of the Facebook platform. 

An ideal Salesforce Facebook integration allows users to manage new and old compliance requirements. 

Sales and marketing teams can opt in or opt out Facebook users based on their preferences. 

If required, they can add custom fields to cater to the new compliance requirements, eliminating the need for a new compliance mechanism.

Get the most out of Facebook for Business with the Best Features Set

Right Salesforce and Facebook integration gives you all the capabilities to succeed on the Facebook platform. You get many pre-built advanced features that eliminate the need for customization, which may break the integration. You can run campaigns more effectively due to granular controls, which leads to better targeting and returns. Compliance can never be a matter of concern as you can manage compliance on the fly without any additional investment. Therefore, you can steer clear of financial risk and legal actions.

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