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URL TrackingWhy Link Tracking for Messages is a Must-Have for Salesforce Text Marketing

How would you allocate time, resources, and money in the right direction if you don’t know what is working and what is not?

Reliance on guesswork never gives the return you envision. Therefore, you need concrete metrics to understand what works and whatnot to run more targeted and effective campaigns.

Using metrics, you can identify weak and best-performing aspects, like best content, channel, etc., And based on that, you can run improve marketing campaign performance to a great degree. 

URL tracking is one of the robust marketing and conversation tools that help users understand customer engagement levels and the effectiveness of campaigns. 

Salesforce link tracking can help you in multiple ways, allowing you to run more targeted campaigns, understand audience behavior, increase payments, and reduce the messaging bill.

Therefore, you can make more informed decisions using actionable data and generate more revenue.

URL Tracking for Targeted and Cost-Effective Marketing Campaigns

Run More Targeted Campaigns

When you run large-scale campaigns across different channels, it isn’t easy to track which campaigns are performing well, driving maximum conversions, which channel and content are driving traffic, etc. 

This is where URL tracking comes into play. You can add identifiers to a URL and gain insights into various actionable data like best and worst-performing campaigns and channels. 

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes are snippets that you add at the end of the URL to track data on incoming traffic to your website or landing page from various sources. You can also monitor your campaign’s performance using UTM.

There are various parameters you can track like-

  • utm_source 
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign 
  • utm_content
  • Utm_termThis URL with UTM code shows that the source of traffic is Google.

This is how a UTM looks like

You can drill down to specific content that’s getting you maximum referrals and traffic. 

This way, you can tweak campaigns to improve their performance.

Tracking customers’ interest and the campaign’s performance is essential to leave a lasting impression on customers, improving brand reputation. 

By tailoring campaigns based on customers’ needs, you can demonstrate that you care for your customers and understand them well.

This, in return, helps you get more audience responses and engagement.

Gauge Your Audience Interest

Clickthrough is an important metric you can track using URL tracking in Salesforce. 

When you send any URL through Salesforce SMS redirecting to any specific page, you can easily track how people engage with the text. 

You can track clickthroughs for a URL and gauge people’s interest. More clicks on a URL lead to more engagement. 

This way, you can make more informed decisions based on clicks.

Improve brand Recognition

There is a lot that you can do in the concern of URLs. 

Often URLs are overlooked when it comes to brand recognition. 

But it works to stuff your brand in the minds of the prospects and customers. 

You can count on custom on-brand URLs whenever you want to send any URL-newsletter URL, payment URL, SMS message survey in Salesforce, etc. 

This would help you remind prospects and customers of your brand and improve brand recognition.

Increase Payment Collections

In monetary matters, trust is the most important thing. And custom link tracking in Salesforce can help you do that. 

On-brand custom payment URLs can help you instill trust in your prospects and customers by adding your brand name. 

This way, you can foster one-touch payment, making it convenient and reducing navigation.

Reduce Messaging Bill

Business requirements are dynamic; sometimes, you must send short or detailed content depending on the requirement.

While sending long-form content, you might use more than one segment to stuff the required content. This increases the SMS bill.

So, you can send a URL in the Salesforce message redirecting to the relevant page rather than using more SMS segments.

This will help you cut back on messaging bills and allow you to send comprehensive information using just one SMS segment.

Learn What Appeals your Customers and Tweak Campaigns Accordingly

Salesforce link tracking provides users with more drill-down reports and attributes. This helps users with actionable data to make informed business decisions and run effective campaigns. Users can tweak their campaigns through A/B testing and find which campaigns are doing well so that they can mirror them to drive better results. With URL generators, users can track valuable metrics for different channels and content separately.

Users should be definitely using URL tracking when they intend to drive traffic to a specific page or website. This would help them understand which content, channel, or campaign is attracting traffic and where they should invest their resources.

With URL tracking, users can plan better, instill trust in customers and improve their brand recall.

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