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Serverless Apps

Just How Secure Are Serverless Apps?

Data security has always been one of the prime concerns that organizations face. Thus, organizations look for apps that can help to protect customer’s confidential information or data. This is where the serverless architecture of apps can help organizations. Even when it comes to text messaging apps, serverless architecture can help organizations stay compliant with rules and regulations while sending text messages. Not only this, apart from saving time and effort by eliminating the need for managing infrastructure, serverless architecture helps to keep data secure.

Serverless Apps and Security

Every technology has its own pros and cons. Similarly, there are certain pros and cons of serverless apps too. But one of the major advantages of using serverless apps is security. As serverless apps do not have servers, there is no place to store data. Thus, there is no risk of unauthorized access to data or data theft. Also, users do not have the responsibility to delete data when it is no longer in use.

More importantly,  users do not have to worry about security controls, audits, and accessibility when there’s no data to take care of. This is how serverless architecture eliminates the need for data security and reduces the workload for employees.

Serverless Apps: Other Benefits of Serverless Architecture 

Prevent Messages from Being Hacked

When people use text messages for personal communication or organizations use SMS for professional communication, messages get saved in a centralized database before delivery to the recipient. Thus, there are chances that messages may be hacked in between while exchanging messages.

Also, organizations that do not have serverless architecture might use the stored information for marketing purposes in the future, which may annoy recipients. But that’s not the case with serverless architecture, and there’s no risk of hacking as there’s no place where information is stored.

Keeps Confidential Data Intact

There can be confidential information like credit or debit card details that need to be protected at any cost. Apps with servers store data in both organization and recipient’s account which makes information more vulnerable to threats. But as serverless apps do not have any storage, confidential information is always intact without any threat.

Reduces Infrastructure cost

With serverless architecture, business owners can easily reduce their architecture costs. They do not have to invest in internal architecture administration, which helps cut back on investment and makes serverless architecture cost-effective.

Also, Salesforce apps without servers do not involve provisioning, maintaining, and scaling costs, and there’s no need to maintain a 24*7 team for its maintenance, which again saves a huge amount.

Better Scalability

When it comes to scalability, many times applications can’t handle the load. But serverless apps have enhanced scalability compared to apps with a server as there’s no architecture to pose load issues.

Apps built with a serverless infrastructure consist of automatic scaling capability. So, if the user base grows or usage increases, scalability is not a problem. Users can effortlessly scale business reach with bulk texting.

Steer Clear of Data Security Concerns with Serverless Apps

The serverless architecture of the texting app makes it feasible for organizations to get rid of data security concerns effortlessly. Also, they can instill confidence in customers that their confidential information is safe. Serverless apps support faster deployment, accelerated innovation, and greater flexibility & scalability. The best part is, it allows users to reduce costs by eliminating the need for maintenance.

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