Best Salesforce Messaging appLooking for the Best Salesforce Messaging app? Here’s What you Need to Look At

It’s quite challenging to find the best Salesforce texting app for text messaging, especially when firms have thousands of apps to explore on Appexchange. This makes it difficult for firms to get the one for them. What makes an app best for text messaging depends on its features and capabilities. The better the capabilities are, the more convenience it adds to a user. So, to make your lives easier while looking for a Salesforce texting app for your firm, here are some aspects to consider to get the right texting app.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Messaging App

  • Experiences of Others with an App

A few crucial things to consider while looking for an app on Appexchange are reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

This would help you get an actual picture of the app’s performance.

You can learn from the experiences of others.

You can easily find out whether people like an app or not and how valuable an app is for users.

  • Deployment and Installation

Another thing to consider while choosing an app is deployment and installation.

It would help you understand how soon you can start using an app.

Also, consider how many channels an app provides.

This will help you find how many separate channel integrations you need to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Ease-of-Use

User adoption is a crucial factor to consider while choosing a Salesforce texting app.

The more complex an app is to understand, the more you need to train your employees, which consumes time and resources.

Look for point-and-click capabilities, less navigation while performing text operations, level of dependency on coding, and how quick chat interactions are.

With point-and-click capabilities, you can schedule messages faster, run drip campaigns, and create your own chatbot for specific use cases.

Besides, less navigation leads to faster text operations. You can perform many text operations using a single screen, or if you can apply keyword filters and logic, you can again respond much faster.

  • Message Composition

Faster message composition is one of the requirements for accelerated text operations.

Look for the capabilities that help you compose messages faster.

For example, you can look for message template-building capabilities.

In addition, find out if you can manage templates and sender numbers and if an app supports the ‘Merge field’ while texting.

  • Automation Capabilities

While choosing an app, try finding out the level of freedom you get while scheduling messages.

It’s good if you can schedule single or bulk messages by the offset of a number of days and hours.

Also, it must be feasible for you to send messages at a specific date and time and set up automation on standard and custom Salesforce objects.

  • Compliance

Compliant messaging is one of the biggest concerns while sending out text messages.

Do check out capabilities that help you manage compliance.

If you could add custom fields to manage SMS compliance, you become future-ready to meet any new compliance requirements without any new compliance mechanism.

  • Data Security

Try finding out how secure your data will be while using an app.

Also, always go for a Salesforce native app for a seamless performance.

From a data security point of view, it’s good to go for serverless architecture, so your data gets stored in  Salesforce native storage.

Also, check the kind of authentication used to secure your data.

  •  Sender Identity Supported

While choosing a messaging app, learn about what you can do to retain or strengthen your brand identity.

Check if a vendor can port or host your existing  VoIP or landline numbers so you can use them for messaging and calling.

Besides, find what kind of sender identities you can opt for text and call operations (Long code, short code, VoIP).

Adopt the Right Approach, Get The  Messaging App One For YOu

A plethora of options available in the market for Salesforce texting makes it difficult to decide which is the best texting app. But with the right approach and defined parameters in the mind, it gets easier to pick the best Salesforce messaging app with the best capabilities. By choosing the best messaging app, users can reap various benefits like quick integration, compliant messaging, easy automation, faster SMS operations & reduced turnarounds, data security, and high user adoption. This all helps to boost customer experiences and build your brand.

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