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Why and How you should Qualify Inquiries with Text?

Why should you Qualify Inquiries?

In a business ecosystem, agents come across several inquiries now and then. But not every incoming inquiry ends up with the conversion. The reason could be the investment of efforts by the agents on unqualified inquiries. Now, here comes the most tricky part for agents, i.e., proper inquiry qualification to understand the potential of inquiries. Every inquiry doesn’t get converted into a lead and ends up with the conversion. Thus, agents need to qualify inquiries to find whether every inquiry is worth chasing or not to save time and effort. This could help save time and invest it in high-value inquiries and drive more conversions.

Qualify Inquiries Hands Down

Salesforce SMS messaging is not only the best bet to interact faster with audiences at scale but to qualify inquiries swiftly with automated text messages. All you need to do is install a Salesforce native SMS app from AppExchange and start using it. This way, you can perform text operations even without Salesforce’s default SMS sending capability.

360 SMS is a Salesforce-native texting solution that allows you to send SMS using Salesforce, perform scalable text operations, automate interactions using DIY-configurable conversation trees, and much more beyond texting.

DIY-configurable Surveys to Collect Data Cost-effectively

Surveys, Polls, Live voting can be costly methods to collect public opinions or any other data at scale. But that’s not the case with 360 SMS Surveys. 

Firstly, you can design a series of questions and answers and trigger the next question based on keyword response without expert help. Thus, you can automate the inquiry qualification process yourself. This eliminates the dependency on experts to run or make changes in Surveys. After receiving an inquiry, you can trigger Surveys to probe their problems, the reason for inquiry, demographic, age, business, etc., to decide on whether you can pitch your business offerings as a solution to them or not.

Inquiry Qualification for Better Conversion rate

Qualification is all about making the right decision based on the meaningful insights collected through Surveys. With relevant data that you’ve collected through Salesforce SMS gateway, you can identify which person to pitch in the business offerings based on industry, requirements, goals, budget, etc. This way, you can create a list of prospects who qualified and are quality Leads. Further, using this list, only you can pitch to audiences who are more likely to convert rather than wasting time on low-value leads.

Tracking for Immediate Actions

Tracking through SMS analytics also plays an important part to qualify inquiries and take the necessary step on time. By tracking the prospect’s behavior and understanding their tastes and preferences, you can run customized Surveys to know more about them. Also, if a website visitor leaves your website in between, you can send a personalized text to follow up with them and qualify leads.  As these conversations are dynamic, you can eliminate questions related to existing data anytime. Further, you can design new Surveys to qualify inquiries and leads faster by sending SMS via Salesforce.

Qualify Inquiries Faster without Intervening Manually with 360 SMS

360 SMS, being a no-code Salesforce SMS app, supports DIY text automation that lets you qualify leads without manual intervention. More importantly, you can tweak Survey questions anytime the way you want. Thus, you can effortlessly collect any type of data for specific business use cases using SMS for Salesforce. Further,  you can send back-to-back automated questions based on keyword responses.

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