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No-code texting

Dependent on developers for text marketing? Switch to No-code 

Text automation in business processes has made it feasible to accelerate their business workflows and take the business to the next level. But many times, automation can be the major reason for delayed processes too. It is because it requires expert assistance and investment to get the desired text automation capabilities in business. Thus, businesses firms need a solution that empowers them to automate text messages themselves without being dependent on admin or developer assistance and cut back on investment. This is where no-code texting can prove to be a game-changer.

What is a No-code Texting?

As the name signifies, no-code texting allows you to automate and send text messages without writing any code. Users can easily automate text messages with point-and-click automation capabilities. Automated texting allows users to accelerate interactions and speed up business processes.

The best part of no-code texting is users can automate text messages on their own and send messages at a preferred date and time for meaningful interactions. Further, users can cut back on manual intervention while sending each text with the help of no-code and easy automation.

Why Choose No-code Texting

Eliminates Dependency on Experts 

Not every employee in an organization has extensive technical knowledge. Thus, even for most simple automation use cases, employees from non-technical backgrounds have to depend on experts and developers. And dependency on experts for each Salesforce text automation use case immensely hampers the efficiency of experts and developers. 

Therefore, with no-code automation capabilities, employees can fulfill many of the text automation requirements on their own without technical knowledge. This way, employees not only can reduce the workload of technical staff but accelerate texting processes.

Reduces Business Investments

Every simple to complex text automation use case demands huge investment. Also, it drains a lot of time from automation experts. But this is not the case with no-code automation. This is because users are empowered to automate text messages for many use cases and cut back on each investment. 

For example, say users want to automate the inquiry and lead qualification process. They have to spend separately for each use case. But if they have no-code text automation capabilities, they can design and run as many surveys and questionnaires as they need with a one-time investment. This way, they can easily qualify inquiries with text.

Allows to Capture Data at Scale without Additional Expenses

For informed decisions related to various aspects, business ventures need to capture a variety of data. Thus, one type of Survey to capture data at scale cannot accommodate the need for different types of data. This is where again users can count on no-code text automation to run Surveys through SMS.

For each type of data on a particular topic, they can run a new Survey, Questionnaire, or Poll without additional expenses. So, users can design Surveys themselves to capture a variety of data and make informed decisions.

Use Standard and No-code Automation Together for Accelerated Business Processes

Apart from standard automation in Salesforce like Process Builder, Workflows, Flows, etc., no-code automation plays a vital role. On the one hand, users can count on standard automation for unique and complex automation use cases. On the other hand, users can shed off workload for technical staff by managing simple automation use cases on their own. This could help business ventures to make prudent use of time and resources. Also, they can speed up and automate many of their manual processes like lead qualification, follow-up, etc.

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