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Opt-In Versus Opt-Out Compliance

SMSes are competent enough to drive huge returns when used prudently. And the first and foremost thing about using Salesforce text messages for business communication is text message compliance for opt-in and opt-out. Being compliant with TCPA rules and regulations, organizations can save themselves from high penalty charges and continue using SMSes for marketing and other purposes without any inconvenience.

Text Message Compliance for Opt-In and Opt-out

Opt-In Text Message Compliance

GDPR, TCPA, and CCPA are some regulatory bodies that intend to protect the privacy of consumers while texting.

The TCPA has made it mandatory to receive written consent from your prospective recipients before you send text messages. Always offer a transparent and convenient opt-in mechanism so that consumers don’t feel deceived.

Simply filling up a phone number in any form does not mean that the prospect has opted-in. Assure that customers have clearly given their consent to receive recurring messages. Also, before you send your first marketing text, you must send an opt-in confirmation text message which must also contain clear opt-out instructions.

Types of Opt-in

There can be two types of opt-in. One is mobile opt-in, and another one is web opt-in.

For mobile opt-in, consumers can send a keyword to a short code number and opt-in easily. To increase the opt-in rate, organizations can advertise these keywords on different platforms like emails, ads, etc., and grow their subscriber’s list.

For web opt-in, people can opt-in through web forms or landing pages, and those pages must contain all the necessary details of the opt-in program like purpose, frequency, charges, opt-out instructions, etc.

Opt-Out Text Message Compliance

Before starting with Salesforce text messaging, send a confirmation text along with opt-out instructions,  once a consumer has opted-in to receive text messages. Provide customers with easy ways to opt out and honor their opt-out decision. Ensure that customers can opt-out anytime conveniently, and after opting out, the customer doesn’t receive a single text message. Else, if you fail to do so, it can put your organization at risk of legal action.

Importance of SMS Compliance for your Business

A customer is the king of the market. Any business activity in which a customer is involved, done without consent can put your business at risk. This includes text marketing as well. SMS opt-in and opt-out compliance help you steer clear of high penalties and reap texting benefits in businesses.

Thus, with consumer’s consent, not only do you honor their decision of receiving or not receiving texts but eliminate every possibility of legal actions when using texts.

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