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Texting Automation

Texting Automation: Eliminate manual intervention for text conversations

Understanding text Automation 

In recent years there’s been an exponential rise in demand for texting automation processes and a decline in manual handling of workflows across industry.

The benefits of automated texting, though unprecedented, wash away as soon a manual intervention is needed again. You’re back to answering responses individually, and that would keep you from scaling outreach for your business.

In principle, well-rounded automation would account for scenarios that typically need intervention is needed and automate them. One way to do this is to constrain the direction conversations can take. For you could contain the number of responses to a few reserved keywords.

Please respond with numbers 1 through 4 to book an appointment slot for tomorrow:

1       1-2 pm

2       2-3 pm

3       3-4 pm

4       4-5 pm

Reply with 0 to exit.

Reply with CANCEL to cancel the appointment.

Replying with any number between 1-4 in the above example books triggers a confirmation message, while CANCEL cancels. This is what’s referred to as keyword processing in 360 SMS.

What’s great is, message sequences such as these bring down manual intervention almost completely and cut down on workloads. Triggered messages also prevent you from having to track where recipients are in a conversation or where the conversation was abandoned. A backend should do that for you. 

Here’s a look at how a few key industries use text automation to reduce busy work.

Text automation across a few key industries

Automating workloads for mortgage

Mortgage industries deal with innumerable loan requirements daily for various purposes like a loan for commercial purchase, house purchase, business investment, and many more.

So, while handling millions of loan applications, it’s quite tedious for mortgagees to update every applicant about their application status at every stage.

Updating applicants about loan application submission, approval, disbursement, etc. drain employees’ time and efforts, which could stretch up to many days without automation.

Thus, by automating the process using tools like PB, Workflows, etc. you can trigger an alert about a loan application progress whenever any application status changes. 

Besides, you can also trigger messages communicating about the timeframe a firm may take to process a loan.

value addition for the Banking Sector

Now and then, the banking sector witnesses association of new customers for banking. Once the customer gets on board, it’s the bank’s responsibility to value customers and deliver a seamless banking experience to retain them in the long run.

To value new customers, you can set criteria through PB, Workflows, or Apex code and trigger a ‘Welcome’ message or a text carrying app download link for seamless mobile banking.

This is also convenient for customers and prevents them from the hassle of searching for the right download link by hopping from one link to another.

Immediate engagement for high closures in Real Estate

In real estate, there are thousands of onlookers who search for their dream properties on multiple properties listing websites and submit inquiries for properties they like.  Luckily, to not miss any of such inquiries, realtors can automate the process. They can use Process builders, Workflows, or Apex codes and get inquiries created as leads within Salesforce. 

Further, if a hot lead lies untouched for many days, there’s a high possibility that a lead turns cold. And only the real estate firm that shows immediate response is more likely to win potential buyers.

Trigger an automated text eliminates the need for keeping half an eye out for visitors. You no longer have to jump at any new opportuity (and still be too late). You could trigger an automated message to capture any  visitor’s attention immediately. 

This could be a welcome message, acknowledgment message, or any other message with a call-to-action (CTA) to initiate a conversation right away and win more customers.

Here’s an example:


Thanks for enquiring about the property. Can we get in touch to discuss your requirements in detail?

This way, you can cut back on a lot of manual involvement for engagement and qualify leads with minimal effort.  

Automate text for prompt and efficient communication

Automated texting processes let any business reduce dependencies on  manual processes and intervention. Accelerating the communication process drastically gives user much of their precious time back. In 360 SMS, they could simply configuring keywords to trigger messages.

Ultimately, automation takes over a lot of your hand-operated activities and effectively spearheads your next text operations. Therefore, it improves your overall efficiency by letting teams focus on their key areas of responsibility.

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