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Texting Can Save Your Relationship With Your Customers

SMS Marketing is becoming one of the latest trends in today’s era. It is because of the fact that the majority of the industries are shifting their focus from other campaigning methods to SMS as their primary medium to connect with the respective target audience. People tend to trust text messages more than any other marketing mediums like emails, calls, etc. Also, it is stated that people prefer to be communicated via SMS as it saves them much time. It is believed that SMS can be a very good medium to reach out to your potential customers as in this technological era, the trends are changing and so does the marketing methods. It can also become one of the most successful ways to target your lost customers in a manner that they feel regret on missing out on an organization like this.

As per a recent survey conducted, it was stated that 97% of the people in the US keep their smartphones just an arm away from them, and that is the reason why the text messages have 98% open-rates in the respective countries. SMS Marketing is a proven yet best way to communicate with your existing or even potential customers. It is also said that text messages are opened in the first five minutes in the majority of the cases which has ultimately led to the increased popularity of using SMS as your primary marketing medium. Text messages have been gaining grounds in recent times only, and not from its inception. That’s because the major industries have now started shifting their focus from other marketing methods to the SMS. It is always a win-win situation for an organization using Text marketing. Also, it is not just limited to a specific industry, it can be utilized very well in almost each of the sectors including Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Media, Real Estates, NPO, etc.

The following mentioned are a few benefits that an organization can avail if they choose text marketing as their marketing method:

benefits of opting for sms marketingSo, the above mentioned were a few extraordinary benefits that an organization can take benefit of while opting for SMS Marketing. There are various other benefits as well of choosing text messages as your marketing method.  Still wondering? Thinking over best texting app for Salesforce? We have got you covered. 360 SMS App is the one-stop texting solution, best suited for almost every business firms belonging to different industries. This app provides you with some amazing functionalities from the basic ones like those of single texting, bulk texting to advanced ones like Hyperlink Tracking, Surveys, SMS Templates, etc. Connect with our experts today and get started! Get ready to explore the vast land of unlimited opportunities in the field of Salesforce.