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8 Tried and True Tips to Increase Campaign CUSTOMER RESPONSE that Every Sales Representative Should Follow 

Despite drafting perfect messages, are you struggling with low customer responses? 

Well, this is not the only thing you should be concerned about.

Several other factors contribute to high customer responses, which you should keep in mind while using Salesforce SMS marketing.

No wonder text messages provide an excellent and reliable channel to interact with audiences effectively, irrespective of their location. But only when you know how to drive customer responses to your text messages. 

Without knowing the right method to optimize text messages for customer responses, You can put all your effort in vain, which could waste your investment and time.

But there’s nothing to worry about. You’ve got lucky today, as this blog will talk about 8 tried and true tips you can implement to maximize customer responses and reap better outcomes out of your Salesforce SMS marketing. 

So, let’s dive in and find out how you can change your sales messaging by tweaking your messaging strategies. 

Tips to Improve Customer Responses Using Text for Salesforce SMS Marketing 

Increasing customer responses to Salesforce SMS marketing

By choosing a proper Salesforce SMS integration for text messaging, you can easily connect with customers and close more deals, but getting a response is not always easy. You Must consider various other factors that can impact your messages and lead to low customer responses.

#1) Maintain Consistency in Sender Identity for Effective Salesforce SMS Marketing

Picture this.

You’re receiving text messages from multiple numbers but from the same brand. Will you be able to recognize the brand and respond?

Obviously not. This happens with your audiences when you are inconsistent with your sender identity, leading to low or no responses.

So make sure to reach your audiences using a recognizable and consistent sender identity to maximize customer responses. Always choose a Salesforce text integration that allows you to do this. This will also help you improve brand recognition. 

#2) Keep your Messages Short and Clear

When there is too much to read, it might scare you and make you lose interest in such messages.

You should avoid long-winded messages, especially when focusing on increasing customer responses. 

Keep your Salesforce text messages short, simple, and easy to understand so that customers don’t lose interest in your messages. When text messages are easily understandable, the customer responses are also quick without any delay. 

#3) Personalize Your Messages 

Address your customer by their name and personalize messages. You might be thinking, what’s a big deal in it? But Yes, personalization matters.

Every prospect or customer is interested in knowing what’s there for them in your messages. If personalization is missing, text messages seem generic to them, making them least interested in reading your messages. And you might be well acquainted that no one responds without reading a text message.

So, start personalizing your Salesforce SMS marketing messages if you are not doing it yet. Your messages will be more engaging and relevant to your audiences.

#4) Add a Clear Call-to-Action 

Customers often want to take action after reading your Salesforce text messages, but they can’t due to unclear CTA. Therefore, a clear CTA plays a vital role in driving customer responses and sales.

According to G2 SMS marketing stats, CTAs drive actions from around 33% of SMS recipients, and around 47% of recipients make a purchase.

Be clear about what you want your customers to do next, and add a CTA accordingly in your text messages. 

A clear call-to-action can make all the difference in getting a response from your customer.

#5) Be Careful About the Text Message Timings

Will you respond to a text that you’re receiving at 2:00 A.M.? 

You might be thinking, what a silly question is this? 

But Yes, this can happen if you don’t pay attention to the timing of your text messages. 

And as you know, texts going out at inappropriate times hardly secure any responses from customers.

Try to send messages at a time when your customer is most likely to be available and receptive. Avoid sending messages too early or too late in the day. Always try to pick the Salesforce texting app that allows you to pause and resume the flow of automated texts to avoid texting at inappropriate times.

#6) Follow-Up in Case of No Response

Assuming that your customer is busy, there is no harm in making a second attempt to drive responses. You never know; maybe your customer hasn’t responded due to the busy schedule. 

Here a gentle nudge can work to get a response from a prospect or customer. But overdoing this can also impact adversely. You can schedule a series of follow-up texts using drip campaigns for consistent follow-ups.

So, don’t shy away from sending a follow-up text if you don’t receive a response to the first text message. 

#7) Offer Value through Text Messages

People love to invest time in things that are worth it. So, if you are looking forward to maximizing customer responses and sales, you must intrigue customers and offer them something valuable through your messages. You can count on images, videos, gifs, etc., to make texts more engaging.

This way, you can keep your audience intrigued and increase the likelihood of responses for future messages. 

When you offer something valuable through your SMSes, such as an irresistible offer, discount, etc., people are more likely to respond, which benefits your business. 

According to the Techjury report, 75% of customers wish to receive offers via text.

#8) Follow a Professional Tone and Avoid Slang for Messages

Following a professional tone in your text messages can leave a positive impression that compels your audiences to respond. 

Also, you should avoid using slang or inappropriate language in your messages, as this could lead to miscommunication or misinterpretation of information by the audience. Consequently, the intended information does not reach your audience, and it impacts customer responses. 

Improve Responses and Returns Following the Right Approach for Salesforce SMS Marketing

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating more engaging and effective messages and Salesforce SMS marketing strategies that increase customer response rates and help you close more deals.

If you’re looking to increase your customer response rates for text messages, following these tried and true tips can make all the difference. Keeping your messages short and sweet, personalizing them, and including a clear call-to-action are all key elements to creating engaging and effective texts. Timing your messages correctly, sending follow-ups, offering value, maintaining a professional tone, and testing and refining your strategy are all additional tactics that can help increase response rates even further. By implementing these tips into your sales strategy, you’ll be well on your way to building stronger relationships with your customers and closing more deals.

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