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Texting with SalesforceThe Impact of URLs in Elevating Texting in Salesforce

Are you one of those who believe Salesforce texting is not merely a means of communicating with your prospects and customers one-on-one and there is much more beyond conversational texting operations? 

Do you also love experimenting with different methods to improve the effectiveness of Salesforce text messages?

Then you are surely at the right place. Undeniably, texting in Salesforce holds a lot of potential for business.

According to Avochato, 89% of consumers admitted they prefer texting with firms rather than using any other communication mode.

But there is always the need for the right capabilities and approaches too, to maximize texting potential by pairing Salesforce messaging with different elements. 

Rather than using texting from Salesforce for chatting with audiences, there is much more you can use messaging for. 

And to make your Salesforce texting more meaningful and effective, URLs can be of great importance.

Whether is about maximizing the impact of Salesforce text messages or gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making in business- embedment of URL in a text can provide unique benefits to your business.

This blog will bring to light various capabilities you need related to using URLs in Salesforce text messaging effectively and what value this approach can add to a business.

URLs Improving Texting with Salesforce

Texting through Salesforce 

To use URLs in text in the best manner and drive maximum results, it is essential to understand what type of flexibility you need to make the best out of URLs in text.

URL Shortening

One of the biggest issues that restrict people from reaping the benefits of URLs in text is their long length. The long length of URLs leaves very little space to add relevant text content, which makes it difficult for users to send clear information in a single text message.

It exhausts the character limit of one SMS segment and compels users to use more SMS segments to send the complete information. This makes URL shortening service a much-needed capability to harness the power of URLs for texting through Salesforce.

URL shortening is the process of converting long and complex URLs into shorter, more user-friendly versions. This not only makes links cleaner and easier to share but also prevents the character limit from being exhausted. 

With this capability, you can share lengthy information and valuable resources without wearing about the character limit while texting from Salesforce. As a result, you can deliver quality experiences to your customers by sharing comprehensive information on relevant topics.

Clickthrough Tracking for a URL

Tracking of clickthroughs for URLs helps a business in several ways. Clickthroughs give you valuable insights that help you understand the intent of your customers when using Salesforce texting. It involves monitoring the number of times a link has been clicked or the clickthrough rate (CTR). 

Based on these clickthroughs, you can make informed business decisions. 

More clickthroughs on a URL can be considered a positive response from the customers’ side. On the contrary, fewer clickthroughs clearly indicate that people are less interested in the topic you have used or the URL for. 

For instance, if you are planning to conduct a seminar, you can send the URL to enroll.  Based on the clickthroughs received, you can plan your next step in the concern of a seminar.

Therefore, the data collected through clickthroughs is valuable for assessing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, content, or the link itself.

Ability to Add Custom Domain in URL for Link Shortening

If you aren’t convinced to use public URL shorteners for link shortening, you can choose an SMS provider that provides its native link shortening service. For example, 360 SMS offers its native URL shortener called This way, you can enjoy the benefits of URLs while texting with Salesforce without counting on public URL shorteners.

Apart from this, you can also reap the benefits of URLs in Salesforce text messages and improve your brand presence together. This is possible by using a custom-branded URL. A custom-branded URL consists of your brand name, which makes your brand easily recognizable and results in more click-throughs.

According to Rebrandly, up to 39% more click-throughs can be witnessed for branded URLs compared to generic short URLs.

Brand recognition is essential for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. Many link-tracking tools offer the option to use custom domains or branded short domains. This means you can replace the generic link shortener domain with your own domain, reinforcing your brand identity. 

For example, instead of using a generic short URL like “,” you can create a branded short URL like “” This not only looks more professional but also helps users trust the link’s authenticity.

Making Texting with Salesforce More Rewarding with URLS

There are enormous ways that you can implement when texting from Salesforce to increase the effectiveness of Salesforce text messages. And inclusion of URLs in text messages is one of them. By adding URLs in texts, you can gauge the interest of your audiences and potential customers and tap into more informed decision-making for business. 

Apart from this, you can easily send comprehensive information and share valuable resources without wearing about SMS character limit. This allows you to serve your customers in a much better way improving the value proposition of your text messages. Want to ditch public URL shortener for link shortening or looking forward to using custom branded URL for brand recognition? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.