Voice messages

Why do Voice Notes Work for Business Interactions

Without a doubt, calls are the best way for human-to-human business interactions. But every time, an agent cannot get on calls due to workload. Interaction over call drains a lot of time and hampers employee productivity. Also, call interactions limit the agent’s reach to a certain number of audiences due to human limitations to talk over a call. This is where voice notes come into the picture. Voice messages have emerged as a powerful tool for humanized interaction with millions in no time. 

Why do Voice Messages Work?

Like any other channel, voice notes have their own unique qualities.  There are enormous qualities that make voice notes work not only for personal interactions but business communications too.  More importantly, voice messages provide several ways to improve customer experiences.

Allows to Convey Real Tone, Emotions, and Context

Calls are the only way to convey information with appropriate intonation, tone, and emotions. But you cannot communicate faster and at scale with the help of calls.

So, Salesforce voice notes are the best pick to convey information with proper tone, sense of urgency, emotions, and purpose which makes voicemails worthwhile. Other than voice recordings, there are no other communication channels that allow users to do the same.

Voice Notes Keep you Connected

In the case of an incoming call, a recipient usually has two options. One is to receive a call immediately, even if a person is in a meeting or doing a priority task.  This is where the ringlessness of voicemails matters a  lot to convey information without disturbing customers. Another is to disconnect a call without attending it is due to which recipients often miss vital information. But this is not the case with the voice notes. 

Voice texts give the freedom to the recipients to listen to the recorded voice message whenever they want. Thus, it becomes easy to retain the impact of voice messages and convey the desired information conveniently in a more human way.

Voice Notes Facilitate Accelerated Interactions

Whether you’re using an SMS, WhatsApp Messaging, Facebook messaging, or Calls,  you can expect a little delay while communicating due to typing work for texts and dialing work for calls.

But voice recordings are the only means of communication that do not involve typing or manual number dialing work. Further, you can record and save voice templates in advance for faster interactions at scale.

Make Interaction Process Convenient and Fast with Voice Messages

Voice notes add a lot of convenience to employees and allow them to be more productive while marketing or interacting with audiences. The best part is voice messages eliminate the need for calls for human interactions. Also, users can schedule voice messages for meaningful human interactions or humanized communication at a specified time. For example, instead of tracking birthdays and calling them personally, you can schedule voice messages for birthday greetings. This will make your customers feel as if you have made an additional effort to wish them. 

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