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Salesforce digital engagementWhat Ultimate customization over Salesforce Digital Engagement Should be

When customers have multiple channels to interact with brands, firms cannot expect them to be available on a single channel.

Businesses will need to equip themselves to deliver a connected experience across all channels, no matter which channels a prospect or customer uses to reach out to them.

This is where Salesforce Digital Engagement comes into play. Its capabilities have enabled users to interact and respond to customers over different channels.

But that’s about it. It comes with essential messaging over multiple channels and no more.

Do you think this is enough to make the best out of Digital Engagement Salesforce for business? Of course not, if you know the importance of advanced messaging capabilities for multi-channel texting.

And that’s where you should consider extending Salesforce Digital Engagement capabilities for an improved version.

How Should you think of Extending Salesforce Digital Engagement?

Extending the capabilities of something helps you overcome the limitations of the barebone format and add on new functions.

Just as you can extend the capabilities of Salesforce by integrating the best Salesforce SMS app from AppExchange, you can think of developing the existing powers with customization or an AppExchange addon for Salesforce Digital Engagement.

Here’s what such an add-on should ideally improve.

More Channels and Clouds

Digital Engagement is restricted to the Service Cloud console and Omnichannel. The best customization should let you access Digital Engagement capabilities over more clouds and channels. You can extend its capabilities to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot.

Besides, you can expect to increase the number of channels to 12 under one shared interface, including Ringless Voicemail, Telephony, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Kakao, Instagram, and Telegram.

Out-of-the-box Features

A more functional Salesforce Digital Engagement helps with numerous out-of-the-box features that Sales cloud users can use for existing Digital Engagement channels.


While extending Digital Engagement Salesforce, you could also think of capabilities to run multi-channel drip campaigns effectively. For one thing, you should be able even to send emails as a part of SMS drip campaigns. Time zone scheduling needs to be smooth too, and campaigns should be able to pause after-hours automatically.

For better targeting, you should be able to apply keyword processing filters and logic to segment customers based on message responses. That’s a must-have.

Scalable Communications

To improve on Salesforce Digital Engagement, you should be able to scale communication and send texts to million over different channels. You should be able to create customizable lists to send messages in bulk. For faster-messaging operations, messaging templates and folders need to be enabled.

In addition, you should be able to manage phone numbers at scale. That way, you can use a consistent sender identity every time you connect with a prospect or customer.

DIY Configurable Automation

Automation is a must-have in business to accelerate text operations.

You can think of powerful text automation capabilities and DIY configurations for configuring surveys and decision trees without coding and expert assistance.

Extend your Digital Engagement for keyword processing for Chatbots. With DIY configurable chatbots, you can configure as many chatbots as you want without tying yourself to just 25 bot conversations each month with each Digital Engagement license. The latter can be severely limiting for your business, especially if communication is at the core of your lead and deal pipeline.

Mobile App Digital Engagement

Why cling to clunky desktops when you can access Digital Engagement on your mobile phones by extending it? Usually, Salesforce Digital Engagement doesn’t work on Salesforce 1 Mobile app. Still, by developing it through an add-on or customization, you can overcome this limitation. You and your entire team can use it on the go.

Make the Best Out of Digital Engagement, Extending its Capabilities

Extension of Digital Engagement capabilities helps access a much better version of Digital Engagement. Users can make the best of DE by extending its capabilities to more clouds and channels and acquiring numerous advanced messaging capabilities.

With an upgrade like that, DE doesn’t just give you multichannel access but also better productivity, intelligent inquiry qualification, and reduced business expenses.

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