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Salesforce SMS solution Top 7 Reasons to Choose 360 SMS Over Others

When we talk about the best Salesforce texting solution, the first question that arises is what to look for in an app. Things become even worse when users don’t have something in their minds to judge an app. 

From where to start and how to start, such concerns start occupying their minds. While struggling with these concerns, many times, users end up selecting the wrong Salesforce SMS solution for their firm, often failing to generate the outcome they envision while using Salesforce messaging.

When several apps are available in the market, it is extremely challenging to get the right one for the firm. This also leads to the untapped potential for messaging.

That’s the reason we have come up with 360 SMS in this blog. 360 SMS is the most advanced Salesforce native texting solution with out-of-the-box messaging. Today, in this blog, we will discuss what makes 360 SMS the best choice, especially when several options are available in the market.

Why 360 SMS stands as the Best Salesforce SMS Solution 

#1 1100+ AppExchange 5-Star Reviews: Highest Among Top Solutions

When it comes to selecting the best Salesforce SMS solution, customer feedback is crucial. 360 SMS boasts over 1100 five-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange, the most among competing solutions. Such a high number of positive responses from the users underlines the high satisfaction with the 360 SMS Salesforce SMS service and its efficiency. 

Customers have always testified to the strong characteristics, simplicity, and exemplary customer service. These positive reviews are proof of the solution’s high quality and efficacy, which makes it the right tool for those businesses that need to improve their Salesforce communications.

#2 Natively Built Salesforce SMS Solution

360 SMS is natively built on Salesforce, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with the Salesforce ecosystem. This native architecture means that 360 SMS operates directly within your Salesforce environment, eliminating the need for complex integrations or third-party connectors. 

As a result, you can leverage the full power of Salesforce’s features and data without any disruptions. This tight integration enhances data accuracy, security, and performance, providing a smooth user experience. Salesforce nativity ensures that updates and new features are quickly and easily adopted, keeping your communication tools in sync with the latest Salesforce advancements.

#3 Provides Maximum Number of Channels: 11

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that 360 SMS offers a wide range of communication channels unmatched by all renowned names in the messaging space. This completely eliminates the need for multiple-channel integrations. It provides Line, WeChat, Kakao, Viber, Instagram, Ringless Voicemail, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and CTI. Since many channels are available to target, it is easy to reach the audiences over their preferred channels. 

Multi-channel connectivity with brands is preferred by around 72% of the people.

With this multi-channel Salesforce SMS service, communication is more effective. You can reach more customers, drive more responses, and generate more leads, boosting customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

#4 AI Capability for One-on-One Messaging

360 SMS utilizes high-end technology to help improve one-to-one messaging so as to make customer relations more effective and responsive. The AI capability helps with suggested replies and faster context-based messaging that improves interactions and response time. This will enable your team to manage more requests more efficiently while still giving a personal feel to the communication. 

Through the use of AI, 360 SMS makes it easier to convey important information relevant to the customer and deliver it at the right time and to the right individuals, thereby strengthening and enhancing customer relations. These AI tools can aid your business in delivering highly personalized yet uniquely tailored responses to customers.

#5 Out-of-the-Box Chatbots and Surveys: No Coding Required

With 360 SMS’s Salesforce SMS service, out-of-the-box chatbots and surveys can be created and implemented with no programming by means of the do-it-yourself platform, which enables businesses to easily build engaging chatbots and easy polls to gather customer feedback in an easily coordinated way. 

The user interface is simple and straightforward, where one can drag and drop to design the specific chatbot for the organization to be used when attending to customers, answering frequently asked questions, or when the organization wants to automate responses for different purposes. 

#6 Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns: Including Email Targeting

In regards to its usability, 360 SMS stands out for its sophisticated options for building multi-channel drip campaigns and the ability to incorporate emails within a drip campaign for impactful Salesforce SMS messagingThis feature enables firms to develop effective communication plans that incorporate SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, email, and others. By blending in emails along with other channels in the drip campaigns, users can run more versatile and engaging campaigns.

This integration maximizes attention, drives home the message, and makes the prospects more likely to take action. The feasibility of automating and scheduling such campaigns across multiple channels also helps cut time and ensures your outreach measures are timely and efficient.

#7 Supports a Variety of Salesforce Clouds

360 SMS supports a wide range of Salesforce Clouds, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. This extensive support ensures that no matter which Salesforce Cloud you use, 360 SMS can enhance your communication capabilities. 

Whether you’re managing sales pipelines, providing customer service, fostering community engagement, or executing marketing campaigns, 360 SMS offers the tools to streamline and improve your Salesforce SMS messaging efforts. This versatility makes 360 SMS an invaluable asset for businesses looking to maximize their Salesforce investment and achieve better results across various departments.


When it comes to selecting a perfect strategic SMS solution for your Salesforce, two things are inevitable: communication reinforcement and efficiency increase. 360 SMS stands out as the premier choice with its exceptional features: More than 1100 five-star reviews on AppExchange, seamless native integration with Salesforce, compatibility support for 11 interaction channels, one-to-one artificial intelligence-based personal messaging, no-code chatbot and survey capabilities, full multi-channel drip campaigns, and broad connectivity to multiple Salesforce Clouds. These advantages can also make 360 SMS the most versatile, easy-to-use, and powerful solution for Salesforce SMS messaging. It’s a perfect solution for seamless Salesforce communication – switch to 360 SMS today.

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Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.