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Salesforce LineUnlocking Salesforce Viber and Line Potential for Seamless Business Operations

Whether it is about maximizing customer engagement or expanding business across different countries, the channels you use to communicate with your prospects and customers play a crucial role in your business success.

Without the right channels in Salesforce, connecting with potential customers and expanding your business globally is tough.

If you want to target audiences of a specific country but are not using their preferred channel,  there is a fair chance you will not witness the engagement rate you envision.

Apart from this, if you are targeting your audiences over a channel that’s not so popular, it will surely reflect on your engagement rate.

Line and Viber are two channels with a significant user base worldwide and can be of great importance when it comes to generating business revenue.

According to the Business of Apps report, in 2021, Line generated $2.36 billion revenue solely from advertising.

With Salesforce Viber, Asia’s popular messaging app, business expansion and interactions are much easier in Eastern Europe and Russia.

On the other hand, If you’re eyeing the growth of your business in regions like Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries, then Line integration in Salesforce should be high on your priority list. This is because Line is the go-to super app for daily communication among Japanese and South Asians and also a popular app worldwide.

According to Turbofuture, In 2012, more than 1.1 billion users were reported for Viber in around 190 countries worldwide.

In this blog, we will find out how you can use both these channels to their full potential and make a world of difference in your business operations using Viber and Line.

Viber and Salesforce Line Integration at Their Best

Salesforce ViberSalesforce Line and Viber Messaging at Scale

To use any channel to its fullest, scalability is crucial. Suppose you can’t scale your communication while using a channel. In that case, your reach will be limited, and you must send Salesforce Viber and Line messages in batches if you are looking forward to targeting a large segment of users. 

With 360 SMS that supports scalable Line and Viber messaging, you can send bulk messages and scale conversations without limitations as your business grows. 

You do not need Line and Salesforce Viber integration separately. This means you can reach millions of Line and Viber users faster and more conveniently. Additionally, it offers 9 other channels that you can use to unlock the full potential of multichannel marketing for your business.

Advanced Person-to-Person Messaging for Line and Viber

Without a doubt, person-to-person messaging is a critical texting routine and provides an easy way to interact with customers one-on-one and resolve their queries faster. 

But don’t you think it will benefit your business if you can make this critical texting routine even more powerful?

Yes, you can easily do that with advanced P2P messaging offered by 360 SMS for Line and Viber. 

When using any channel, you should expect numerous incoming inquiries, and to handle those effectively, you need to be quick with your responses. Though one-on-one messaging is already a quick communication method, it can be even quicker by harnessing the power of AI. 

No matter which 360 SMS channel you use, you can avail yourself of the benefit of auto-suggested replies based on context from past conversations. You can get this for messaging with 360 SMS for Viber and Line integration in Salesforce. Apart from this, you can access chat history, so your audience doesn’t have to repeat themselves whenever they reach you through Line or Viber messaging.

No-Code Chatbots and Surveys for Line and Viber 

Automated Conversations have become integral to business for faster operations. Chatbots and surveys are a few of the crucial use cases for automated business interactions. However, not every business can reap the benefits offered by chatbots and text surveys. This is something that restricts users from using those channels to the fullest.

To eliminate every factor that restricts users from using chatbots and surveys for Line and Viber, 360 SMS offers no-code chatbots and text surveys, which are user-friendly and straightforward.

From maintenance and development costs to time consumption, users can steer clear of various factors that cause delays in reaping the benefits of chatbots and surveys.

This means you can automate Salesforce Line and Viber conversations without the need for coding. You can even set up surveys and a Salesforce chatbot for Line and Viber with a few clicks, reducing your reliance on experts.

Granular Controls and Easy Configurability for Line and Viber Campaigns

The better you do to your campaigns, the better they perform for your business. Simply shooting out  Line and Viber campaigns does not bring the outcome that you want. There is a lot more that you must do to make your campaigns more effective and engaging.

To drive more engagement while running Viber and Line campaigns, there are ample things you can do with Line and Salesforce Viber integration with 360 SMS.

Without limiting yourself to just Line and Viber, you can also target your audiences over the different channels they use for communication. For example, you can configure a series of messages to go out on different channels like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc.

This way, you can follow a multi-channel approach for campaigns.

In addition to this, you get granular controls that allow you to trigger a new campaign during the existing campaign if needed. You can also view at which campaign stage your customer is and when a campaign started or stopped to plan your next step better regarding Viber and Line campaigns.

Compliant Line and Viber Messaging

Compliance is paramount when it comes to messaging. It is difficult to make the best out of any messaging channel without adhering to texting rules and regulations.

As every customer is different,  the types of messages they want to receive from your firm also differ, which needs to be respected for customer convenience, complaint messaging,  and legal disputes. 

An effective strategy for compliant messaging involves selectively opting in and out of messages. This is what you get with 360 SMS. The app keeps you ahead of Line and Viber messaging rules and regulations, making compliance management a breeze. You can also manage new Salesforce Line and Viber texting compliances by adding custom fields without additional investments or compliance mechanisms.

Maximizing Potential of Viber and Salesforce Line Integration

To make the best out of any channel for business, out-of-the-box features, granular controls,  and flexibility play a vital role. That’s why 360 SMS offers fully enabled features over 11 channels, including Line and Viber. Salesforce Line and Viber integration using 360 SMS provides many features to simplify and expedite your Line and Viber communications. With automation, compliant communication, and scalability, you can reach your audience effectively while reducing manual work and saving time.

Plus, the ability to configure chatbots and surveys on your own streamlines your operations and cuts costs. The best part is you can be more innovative and quick with your Line and Viber communications, redefining how you use these channels for business. Want to start with Salesforce Viber and Line advanced messaging for your firm? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.

Siddhart Sehgal


Siddhart Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.


The best way to make the best out of line and Viber business accounts is to pair them with advanced texting capabilities. By using an advanced Salesforce-native app like 360 SMS, which supports Line and Viber channels, you can use a wide range of messaging capabilities, including no-code chatbots, surveys, multi-channel drip campaigns, and many more.

The easiest and quickest way to integrate Line and Viber in Salesforce is by integrating a texting solution from AppExchange. Integration through this method is pretty effective and time-saving as the process takes hardly 5 to 10 minutes, and you do not have to integrate channels separately in Salesforce.

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