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Inbound communication

How to Manage Inbound Communication Constructively 

Managing inbound communication at scale is a daunting task that requires extensive efforts to respond to every incoming call and text faster. This further requires additional workforce and time investment to handle every inbound call or text effectively. If users have appropriate call and text management tools in place, it becomes easier to wrap up every support case in a single calls session. This further helps to reduce support cases and back-to-back calls. This is where the 360 SMS app comes to the rescue. This is because its advanced texting and CTI capabilities empower users to manage text and call interaction at scale effectively.

Easy Inbound Communication Management 

Route Calls to Only Available Agents Based On Their Availability Status 

It doesn’t matter for callers whether an agent is on break or vacation. What matters to them is quick connectivity. Thus, if a call goes unresponded or unattended, it can ruin a customer’s experience with a brand. So, to steer clear of such situations, 360 SMS CTI allows agents to mark their status as Online, Away, or Offline to manage their availability.

This way, the incoming calls are redirected to the next available agent considering the availability status. Also, availability management helps organizations to ensure that agents answer every call and they don’t lose any opportunity.

Forward Calls to The Right Department To Avoid Multiple Calls

Unanswered calls are the biggest barrier to a good customer experience with a brand. So, another best way to manage inbound communication and prevent calls from going unanswered with 360 SMS is call forwarding. You can use auto-forwarding to redirect calls to upto nine numbers of the team members.

So, if one team member doesn’t pick up the call, others can. Also, if an agent receives the call, the call gets disconnected for the other eight numbers. This way, companies can manage call volume better without letting them go unanswered.

Set Away Voice Messages to Keep Callers Posted and Manage Inbound Communication

It could be frustrating for callers when their calls go unresponded. 

It generally happens when agents are busy attending to other callers or they are unavailable after office hours.

Thus, agents can use programmable voice messages to keep callers posted and manage inbound communication. They can program voice messages apprising callers of the reason for rejecting or making them wait during a call. Also, they can program voice messages to ensure that staff is busy right now, but they can expect a call in the next 24 hours.

Stop Flow of Automated Messages for a Specified Time

360 SMS provides unique functionality to control the flow of automated messages. It could irate customers if they receive messages at inappropriate times like, at night. Though organizations do not send messages intentionally at night, still automated text can get delivered at an unusual time. So, to control the flow of such automated messages, 360  SMS offers Dark hours. functionality to stop the flow of Salesforce automated messages.

Users can specify the start and stop time to decide when they want to stop and start the flow of messages. Also, they can specify the time for the next day when they want all the text messages to go out.

Manage Calls and Prioritize Text Responses to Improve Customer Experiences 

Every incoming call or text is vital to business and could open floodgates of new opportunities. So, if an organization misses or mishandles a call, it could cost them a loss of opportunities. Thus, 360 SMS allows users to handle every call effectively using advanced call capabilities like call transferring, conferencing, auto-forwarding, bulk dialing, call logs, and many more. Besides, 360 SMS provides a unique capability to identify newer and older texts in a glance with the help of color-codes and prioritize responses. Also, with the help of triggered texting users are equipped to respond immediately to every incoming without intervening manually.

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