Effectively Manage Call Volume and Resolve Inquiries Faster with Telephony

360 SMS is a Salesforce-native texting solution with numerous out-of-the-box capabilities. It enables users to perform scalable texting in minutes and distill weeks of work into hours.

More importantly, it is not merely limited to an advanced texting app. It comes with six pre-integrated communication channels at no extra cost. It includes SMS, MMS, Voicemail, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and CTI for calling. 

Apart from seamless text operation, you can also perform seamless calling with 360 SMS.

For quick call operations, 360 CTI provides a comprehensive dialer. Users can create their own call-down lists using various filters and logic and use auto-dialers. With auto-dialers, agents can cut back on manual dialing effort and save a lot of their time.

Besides, 360 CTI also makes it feasible for agents to handle call volume effectively and enhance customer experience. 360 CTI provides manual and automated call routing options to reduce caller wait time and enhance their user experience.

Further, click-to-dial functionality helps users with easy dialing without navigation. Agents can manage missed calls and also triage pending calls based on due dates. Consequently, users can perform call operations before or on due dates without a miss and generate more leads.

More importantly, 360 CTI has call logs that give complete information about the past conversations with a particular record. This helps agents to pick up the conversation from where they left and take the conversation forward without wasting time.

On the other hand, CTI provides text-to-speech functionality for easy and quick IVR set-up. Agents can configure IVR in male and female responses or voicemails without much effort. Thus, you can provide ‘self-help’ options to users, reduce call volume, and resolve inquiries faster.


CTI in 360 SMS allows agents to perform calling operations conveniently and handle every call effectively with every information right in front of their eyes.

Also, it enables users to reduce their manual effort, save time, and handle more calls on a daily basis.