Modern CPaaS

Pre-built Capabilities should you Expect from a Modern CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)

Effective communication has become a critical priority for every business. But not every business venture gets success to acquire the best communication platform and capabilities to transform their interaction methodologies. Though Salesforce default SMS sending functionality is not available, the modern CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) technology platform has made it feasible for businesses to unfold robust communication capabilities and engage with customers at scale.

The modern CPaaS platform offers you a pre-built intuitive interface, tools, and other out-of-the-box capabilities of a full-fledged Salesforce native SMS app so that users can communicate innovatively and effectively. Let’s have a look at the pre-built capabilities you can expect from modern CPaaS.

Multi-Channel Support for Effective Targeting

A Salesforce SMS gateway may not be enough to meet the dynamic demands of prospects and customers and target them where they already are. So, you should expect to deliver multi-channel support from a modern CPaaS.

You could look for channels like SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Voicemail, CTI, and FB Messenger to target and interact with audiences at their preferred channel. This way, you could end up providing multi-channel support to your users rather than just sending SMS using a separate Salesforce SMS service.

DIY Automation for Quick Operations

Modern CPaaS offers DIY automation so that users can automate interactions themselves without any help from an admin or developer. DIY-configurable automation allows users to self-designed Chatbots to automate interactions and provide self-help. Besides, users can design and run Surveys and Polls to collect feedback and capture data at scale without expert assistance.

On the other hand, you could schedule, automate and send SMS from Salesforce time-sensitive text messages to enhance customer experience. You can automate confirmation, appointment, and reminder SMS in Salesforce to apprise them timely.

Advanced Call Functionalities for Call Management

Seamless call operations is another capability you could expect from a modern CPaaS. It could not only help you with quick call operations at scale but intelligent routing. Call-conferencing, text-to-speech IVR set-up, call-routing, and call transferring are some of the advanced capabilities you could expect in a modern CPaaS.

With these capabilities, you can effortlessly manage a large volume of calls and also provide a ‘self-help’ option to your callers. You could set up programmable voice responses on rejection and ensure your callers expect a callback soon. 

Bulk Messaging for Scalable Interactions  

Interactions at scale could drain a lot of time and effort of employees. But that’s not the case with modern CPaaS. You could expect to send texts to millions in one without any governor limit on audience size as you do with a Salesforce SMS app.

Also, make sure that you could not only send SMS using Salesforce but WhatsApp messages too. This way, you can send SMS via Salesforce over the customer’s channel of choice. Also, you could use WhatsApp to send personalized or private messages as it’s end-to-end encrypted and keeps the information safe.

Voice Messaging with Non-Intrusive Rings

Modern CPaaS also gets you ringless voicemails that you could use to convey vital information silently. Ringless voicemail gives a missed call notification to your users and gets stored in their voicemail inbox.

This way, you could make your voice information accessible by recipients anytime, retaining its impact. More importantly, you should be able to build voicemail templates in advance so that you could use them to send or schedule messages and cut back on manual effort and time.

Link-Shorteners to Prevent Character Limit from Exhausting

Many times character limits of texts create hindrances while conveying information. This is where links come to the rescue and allows you to send relevant links to relevant pages. But even the embedment of long links could exhaust your text character limits when you send SMS using Salesforce.

The state-of-the-art CPaaS comes with an auto-link shortener that shortens links and prevents character limit from being exhausted.

Industry-agnostic Scalable Texting with Modern CPaaS

Apart from convenience, an advanced CPaaS gets you everything you need to scale and manage communications across multiple platforms. In addition to the most familiar chatting interface that makes Salesforce SMS messaging simpler, you get many other platforms to connect with the audience and serve them.

To mention one, Textolic is a standalone open API platform that users can use either by integrating it with their existing system or as a separate texting platform to support industry-agnostic. Textolic is completely Salesforce-native and has all the capabilities of an advanced CPaaS and is cross-platform compatible.

Textolic-CPaaS at its Best

Textolic CPaaS is a serverless, flexible, and highly customizable platform that allows you to get a customized set of features to cater to the requirement of your specific business use-cases. Being Serverless, it doesn’t store your data which makes it more secure and safe. With development of the best features, you can deliver the best possible communication experience to your prospects and customers. Further, its serverless capabilities eliminate the need for developing, maintaining, and operating their own servers to align with the CPaaS.