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MMS Marketing in the USMarketing in the US? You Can’t Afford to Skip MMS

Marketing is a crucial aspect that can make or break any business. And it’s because it’s the marketing only that connects your business offerings with potential customers. It educates customers about your products and services, intrigues them, and compels them to buy a certain thing.

So, a business lacking in this aspect is more likely to end up with fewer numbers of sales and revenue. Effective marketing can even suppress weak elements of a product or service (if any) and make your audiences fall for it.

A thing to consider while marketing is the channel you choose for marketing. So, if you’re planning to scale your business overseas and the US is one of your main target countries, you can’t afford to skip Salesforce MMS integration. Let’s find out why?

Why is MMS Marketing in the US Flourishing?

Increasing Usage of MMS

Over the past several years, the usage of SMS and MMS has increased in the US.

According to the Statista report, around 1.5 trillion SMS or MMS were sent in 2017. Further, the number increased to 2.2 trillion in 2020. And the number is still rising.

This shows the growing popularity of multimedia messaging services in the USA.

Thus, if you’re looking forward to marketing your business offerings impactfully, you can afford to miss targeting people through Salesforce MMS marketing.

Open Rate of MMS in the US

One of the important factors you can’t avoid while marketing is the open rate. When you send any branded content, you’d obviously want your audience to consume it. And if potential customers don’t open it, all efforts go in vain, and content loses value.

Even Tatango stated that according to a report from MobileSquared, SMS marketing read rates exceeded 99%, which is pretty good for ensuring sure-shot visibility of content marketed through SMS or MMS. 

Better Engagement

Things change with changing times, and this includes even people’s preferences. You can’t just randomly choose a channel for marketing and start sending messages to your customer.

This approach doesn’t drive you the engagement rate as it should be. It’s better to connect, and market on the channel audiences prefer in the US or worldwide. That’s where Salesforce MMS comes into play.

According to a report, people are more interested in engaging through SMS/MMS and social media after emails in 2022. In 2021, it was SMS/MMS after emails. So, in short, SMS/MMS is one of the top three channels people prefer to engage with a brand often. Thus, you can’t afford to take marketing initiatives without considering Salesforce MMS texting

Get Almost Every Content Viewed and Drive Engagement with MMS Marketing in the US

With the above statistics and facts, it’s easy to conclude how important MMS is for marketing in the US. Using MMS in the US, marketers can use MMS’s increasing popularity to benefit their business and easily market their business offerings more effectively. Even better, users have surety that their effort wouldn’t be futile as they can expect sure-shot viewership for the content they will send through SMS or MMS. Also, MMS help them get more engagement in the US, which every marketer strives for to achieve intended goals.

To dive deeper into how proper Salesforce MMS integration helps you manage MMS conversations conveniently,  turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.