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Salesforce chatbotYour Salesforce-powered chatbot should pull a lot more weight. Here’s what you’re missing.

As a business owner or manager, you’re probably already aware of the importance of providing excellent customer service to retain and attract new customers. 

In a world where business strives to maximize customer satisfaction, having a chatbot to engage with customers is becoming increasingly commonplace.

According to Gartner,  chatbots will become the main channel for customer service for all businesses by 2027.  

However, the basic version of the chatbot in Salesforce might be limiting for you and your business as sometimes it may not be enough to meet your customers’ needs.

In fact, limiting your chatbot’s abilities to only the pre-set functions could be a drawback for your other business operations. 

As time-efficient operations have always been a top priority for businesses, answering questions in real-time without waiting for a human customer service representative is not the only thing you would like to do using a chatbot in Salesforce.

With set-in-stone Salesforce chatbot capabilities, it’s impossible to think of implementing a chatbot into other operations. 

So, what’s the solution? 

You should think beyond the basics to get something extraordinary. 

A more extensible and DIY configurable model for Salesforce chatbots is what you need. This kind of model won’t limit you to set-in-stone capabilities; you can configure chatbots for any specific business use case and render the best-personalized services to your customers. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you could be limited when using the current Salesforce chatbot model and how you can get around the limitations of a traditional Salesforce chatbot model.

Gaps in Current Chatbot Model: How a Dime-a-dozen Chatbot Model Looks Like

Chatbots have become an increasingly popular way for businesses to automate customer service and provide quick responses to inquiries. However, some aspects restrict you from unlocking the full potential of chatbots for business, leading to inefficiencies. 

High development and maintenance costs

High development and maintenance price are one of severe concerns when you plan to get a chatbot in Salesforce. Creating a chatbot requires specialized technical knowledge, which can be expensive to acquire. 

And even after a chatbot is developed, it requires ongoing maintenance and updates to keep up with changes in user behavior and technology. All of these costs can add up quickly, making it difficult for small businesses or individuals to create and maintain their own chatbots.

Set in stone Capabilities

Set-in-stone capabilities of a chatbot in Salesforce make it ideal for a particular task like answering FAQs or processing orders. 

But if users intend to use it for different purposes, that’s impossible with fixed chatbot capabilities.

For example, if a chatbot is not programmed to answer certain questions, it can hamper user experiences if they ask the same questions.

Limited Chatbot Usage in Business

A single chatbot can accommodate a single type of use case. If a business wants to use a chatbot for other business operations, the need cannot be accommodated with a chatbot designed for a specific task like common inquiry handling. 

Every time you want to automate a flow of conversation for a specific purpose, you will need a new Salesforce chatbot, which could be costly.

Dependency on Developers for Trivial Changes

Finally, even small changes to a chatbot’s functionality can require assistance from a developer. This can be frustrating for users who want to make simple tweaks or updates to the chatbot themselves. 

It also means that businesses may need to wait for a developer to make changes, which can slow response times and decrease customer satisfaction.

Limited Conversations with Salesforce Einstein Chatbot

Apart from using a traditional chatbot, if you are counting on the  Einstein chatbot in Salesforce, its usage can be severely limiting. 

With each Salesforce license, you get 25 Salesforce Einstein chatbot conversations, which may not be enough when you have a huge audience base.

Consequently, you have to make additional investments, which increases your business expenses.

Filling Gaps in the Current Salesforce Chatbot Model with a DIY Chatbot Model

A traditional chatbot model limits you in several ways, which could impede your business growth. Choose a Salesforce SMS app that supports the DIY chatbot model to overcome these limitations. This will help you with easy Salesforce chatbot integration.

Self-Sufficiency in Creating Salesforce Chatbot

The DIY chatbot model allows users to create their own chatbots without needing specialized technical knowledge or expensive development costs. 

With DIY chatbots, users can build and customize their own chatbots using user-friendly platforms and tools. This means that even small businesses or individuals can create and maintain their own chatbots without breaking the bank.

So while opting for a Salesforce SMS integration, DIY Configurable chatbots should be top of mind.

Greater Flexibility and Controls

DIY chatbots provide greater flexibility and controls- one of the biggest benefits that everyone needs. You can build a Salesforce texting chatbot without being limited to definite capabilities to accommodate your needs.

You can configure chatbots to handle multiple tasks, which makes it convenient for businesses to manage operations and enhance customer experiences.

With the DIY chatbot model, you can configure and customize chatbots by choosing the chatbot’s personality, tone, and branding. This way, you can represent your brand values even with automated conversations.

No Dependency on Experts

Traditionally, it needs a lot of coding work whenever you need to change or update your Salesforce chatbot, which is impossible without an expert or developer’s assistance.

And if developers are not free, it stretches the time frame of the operation.

With DIY chatbots, you can make desired changes yourself without incurring additional costs.

Stay ahead of the Curve with Extensible Salesforce Chatbot

A chatbot’s use is limited when you have a fixed set of capabilities for the Salesforce chatbot, which makes it apt for a single purpose. Instead, you need to get a new chatbot if you want to meet the requirements of any specific use case. 

As a result, you have to invest every time you need a chatbot in Salesforce, drastically increasing your business expenses. Even for small changes, you need to hire experts, increasing your business expenses again. Therefore, maintaining a traditional chatbot model is pretty challenging. In contrast, DIY chatbot models are more flexible, easy to customize, and cost-efficient. You can create as many chatbots as you want without spending a single penny and stay ahead of the curve by providing quality services to your customers.

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