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WhatsApp for recruitmentRecruiting Agencies: Have you Ever thought of any of these WhatsApp Methods to Fill Job Orders?

Recruiters: have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to deal with urgent bulk orders?

And the worst part is when those orders are time-sensitive. 

Filling out job vacancies on time is one of the most challenging parts that recruiters deal with.

And certain factors extend the timeframe of the recruitment cycle. This is where WhatsApp messaging can provide an effective way to connect with candidates and fill out job orders faster.

These days, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms where most people spend their time.

So, it makes it easier for recruiters to connect with audiences where they already are and shorten the recruitment cycle. Here’s how you can rely on Salesforce WhatsApp messaging for faster recruitment.

WhatsApp for Recruitment

Though WhatsApp is a messaging app, it could be the best tool for recruiters to fill out job vacancies faster. To get started, all you need is an ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp integration.

  • WhatsApp Narrows Down the Gap Between Recruiters and Potential Candidates

If we talk about traditional ways, you might be using phone calls, emails, or probably Linkedin to reach out to your potential candidates.

But these methods may not bring you the responses as fast as you expect. As a result, this would stretch your recruitment process.

So, it’s always good to reach out to potential candidates over a frequently used platform, i.e., WhatsApp.

The best part is not many recruiters use this method to reach out to their candidates, so there are no chances of your messages getting overlooked because of too many messages, which could be the case with Linkedin messages.

  • WhatsApp Provides Ease of Communication with Candidates

While recruiting candidates, there are several concerns of recruiters and candidates which needs to be addressed quickly for faster recruitment.

With WhatsApp, recruiters can get into one-on-one conversations and ask for required details if they want to update some information.

Besides, they can also resolve candidates’ queries faster. And what makes WhatsApp best for business communication is recruiters can save common responses as templates and respond with one click saving their time.

  • WhatsApp Simplifies Exchange of Documents

Recruiters require several documents like a resume, cover letter, educational documents, etc., to carry out their recruitment process.

This could be a time taking process if candidates don’t pick up phone calls or don’t check their email.

With  Salesforce WhatsApp for recruitment, recruiters can collect desired documents much more conveniently and faster, reducing the time frame of the recruitment process.

  • WhatsApp Reduces Efforts Allowing You to Communicate with Multiple Candidates at Once

You can create a group of candidates with similar profiles based on your database.

Further, you can share the requirements on your WhatsApp status or drop a message in the group to check the availability of the candidates when you get job orders for a specific profile.

This would prevent you from making a separate phone call to each candidate and save your time.

Also, this would help you attract applications proactively from interested and available candidates.

Eliminate Factors Leading to Delayed Processes, Recruit Faster with WhatsApp

The wide usage of WhatsApp in multiple countries and its multi-media messaging capacity make Salesforce WhatsApp integration essential to connect with candidates and drive responses. Apart from this, it gets easier for recruiters to communicate at scale and exchange necessary documents securely. Thus, recruiters can easily eliminate various scenarios like delayed responses from candidates and multiple phone calls to candidates using WhatsApp for recruitment. This would further help to shrink the recruitment process and fill out job orders faster and on time.

To know more about how you can manage WhatsApp communications conveniently while recruiting candidates, turn to our experts at or contact us here.