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Salesforce WeChat integrationThe Ultimate Salesforce WeChat Integration

Have you ever struggled to drive responses from Chinese audiences while scaling your business?

Probably, yes, if you haven’t used the right communication channel to connect with them.

In different countries, people have specific preferred communication channels. So, if you’re using their most familiar and popular communication channel to connect with them, you are more likely to secure good responses from them.

Businesses targeting customers in China and other countries often struggle to drive responses. The reason could be a lack of the right communication channel.

WeChat is the most popular communication channel in China. So if China is one of your target countries, you can’t afford to miss WeChat in the list of your Salesforce communication channels.

And this is what makes Salesforce WeChat integration crucial for business operation.

So, instead of limiting yourself to sending and receiving WeChat messages, you’d obviously want to get much beyond that. 

And this is where an ultimate WeChat Salesforce integration comes into play, sidestepping a regular Salesforce WeChat integration.

How does a regular Salesforce Wechat integration look?

The most common method for Salesforce WeChat integration is through API. 

The process can be a bit more time-consuming than other methods like integration through AppExchange apps. The reason is it involves coding work, and if you need more specific capabilities, this further stretches the time for integration. 

Another factor contributing to the extended integration process is everything needs to be built from scratch. 

With run-of-the-mill API integration, Customization and maintenance cost is something that customers must bear in the long-run integrating WeChat through API.

Apart from this, if we talk about other apps, those apps just integrate but don’t give you enough features, don’t let you scale, aren’t technically complete, and tie you down with limited capabilities and data models. 

Eventually, limiting your messaging capabilities too.

What do you get with an ultimate Salesforce WeChat integration?

Integrating WeChat into Salesforce isn’t always time-consuming. 

You can quickly reduce the integration process turnaround by choosing the best Salesforce app from AppExchange for WeChat integration with Salesforce.

A truly great channel integration doesn’t just connect a channel to a platform but gives you all the tools you need to succeed on that platform. Thus, you can make the most of text messaging by leveraging automation for messaging built on the platform’s data.

That’s what helps execution and moves the needle faster. An ultimate Salesforce WeChat integration provides you with much beyond simple texting.

1. Time-Efficient Integration

The best way to get a quick salesforce WeChat integration is to get a salesforce SMS solution that supports multiple channels in one app, including WeChat. 

AppExchange app integration for WeChat is barely a matter of 5-10 minutes as no coding is required, making the process quick and convenient.

2. Advanced Feature Set

Apart from just sending and receiving WeChat messages, there’s much more you can do. 

You can expect a complete feature set that makes text operations much faster and easier. 

That includes no-code automation capabilities and easy text scheduling.

You can configure decision trees, chatbots, surveys, and questionnaires on your own and capture data at scale without investing additionally. 

You can run multi-channel drip campaigns, send on-brand auto-shortened URLs and track clickthroughs, and manage most of the text operations through a single window console, accelerating messaging operations.

3. Scalability

You can scale WeChat communications irrespective of audience size. 

Using Salesforce reports, you can send WeChat messages to millions of prospects and customers in one fell swoop. 

You can even create a custom list or use existing campaigns to send bulk messages.

Besides, you can expect scalable phone number management capabilities. 

It helps you to be consistent with the sender identity throughout the conversation even while sending messages in bulk.

4. P2P Messaging

Accessing the past interaction history, you can pick up conversations from where your customer left them last. 

You can also get into media-rich interactions while conversing one-on-one, innovating your business interactions.

Besides, you can manage conversations at scale in a much more convenient way, using a single window console. 

You can perform most of the messaging operations using a single screen like creating and updating records, sending bulk messages, inline editing records editing, and conversing one-on-one. You can also export filtered views into PDF or excel.  

5. A2P Messaging

You can program your text messages to go out on a specific date and time with a simple point-and-click. 

Besides, you can run multi-channel advanced drip campaigns, scheduling a series of text messages defining offset by the number of days, hours, and minutes or defining date and time to target audiences on different channels and drive engagement. 

You can even schedule emails in your SMS drip campaigns.

6. Future-Ready Compliance

Compliance should never be a concern for you while sending WeChat messages. 

With an ultimate WeChat Salesforce integration, you can manage compliances the way you want. 

You can selectively opt-in or opt-out audiences and even add custom fields if any new compliance requirement comes your way.

Get the Best Capabilities with Salesforce WeChat integration and Redefine Communication with Chinese Audiences

With an ultimate WeChat Salesforce integration, users get a variety of pre-built capabilities to meet specific business use case requirements. Users need not head to developers or experts for trivial requirements, reducing development and maintenance costs. Users get quick integration, saving much of their time, and they can also accelerate their business communications over WeChat. 

In the bigger picture, the ultimate Salesforce WeChat integration benefits users in terms of time, effort, cost, and convenience.

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