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Facebook for sales and marketingSales and Marketing Teams: Here’s Why you Need Facebook Salesforce Integration 

You often need a crowded platform to provide more exposure to your business offerings and sell them conveniently. But you can only make the best out of it when you have the right tools and features to manage conversations. From targeting to closing deals, you need to stay connected to your potential customers, keeping conversations meaningful and relevant. Otherwise, you will be able to convert very few despite generating significant leads from Facebook.

Therefore, you should always have the right tools, capabilities, and channels to showcase your business offerings in the best way and increase conversions. 

Facebook Salesforce integration is what makes the job of the sales and marketing team more effortless, helping them with several aspects required to market effectively and close more deals.  

Let’s look at what matters to the sales and marketing teams that Facebook Salesforce integration can provide.

Why Facebook Salesforce Integration should Matter to Sales and Marketing Teams

Acquiring New Customers is Convenient by targeting a Platform with a Massive User Base 

You might agree that when fewer people know about your brand, the sale is also limited. And the reason is less brand exposure. 

Let us understand this with an example when you target ten people, only three or four converts, and when you target hundred people, twenty or twenty-five converts. In the same way, when you target massive potential users, you convert more.

Hence, sales and marketing always need a crowed platform to market business offerings to millions. And Facebook provides marketers with precisely what they want. 

As Facebook is the no. 1 social media platform and holds users in billions, teams can target and market well by choosing an ideal Salesforce Facebook integration.

Marketing is More Targeted with Salesforce and Facebook Targeting Capabilities

It is essential to have the tools and targeting capabilities to run targeted marketing campaigns and maximize returns. 

Facebook Salesforce integration allows sales and marketing teams to harness the power of Salesforce, Facebook, and the app you choose from AppExchange for quick and easy integration. 

This helps them market business offerings targeting audiences better using Salesforce analytics, 

Facebook audience insights, custom audiences for remarketing, lookalike audiences, keyword filters for segmenting audiences, etc. 

With proper Salesforce Facebook integration, you can segment audiences by applying keyword filters and plan your campaigns better. Plus,  you can send the subsequent Facebook text faster if you are already running a campaign.

Better Management of Facebook Conversations Leads to Brand Reputation and Trust Building 

When your brand has a good reputation and people trust you, they are likelier to engage and buy from you. And reputable brands are always known for their excellent customer service. 

Correct Salesforce Facebook integration allows you to manage Facebook conversations from Salesforce. 

You can get notified of every Facebook message and respond instantly, improving your brand reputation. 

Correct Facebook Salesforce integration allows you to manage Facebook conversations from Salesforce. You can get notified of every Facebook message and respond instantly, improving your brand reputation.

Also, you get the right interface to converse with Facebook audiences conveniently. With the proper interface, you can access chat histories and pick up the conversation from where your customer left it last.

Besides, the Facebook page also displays how responsive your business is, which helps build trust, letting audiences know that your brand is authentic and responds.

Facebook Lead Nurturing is Easy Using Using DIY Configurable Surveys

You have to understand your audiences well, their tastes and preferences, and anticipate their needs to drive them towards a purchase. With proper Salesforce Facebook integration, you can configure Surveys, questionnaires, and chatbots using point-and-click.

This way, you can capture unique data for various use cases,  whether it is competitor analysis, feedback capturing, audience analysis, etc. 

Further, based on the captured data, you can send relevant content, get into one-on-one conversations to answer their queries, follow up with them, etc., to nurture leads and convert them.

Also, you can track their activities on Facebook, how they engage with different posts, what kind of content audiences share and like more, etc.

Connect, Respond, and Engage at the Right Time and Close More Deals

Salesforce Facebook integration helps sales and marketing teams to increase brand exposure allowing them to close more deals. Further, marketers can easily segment their audiences and tap into more targeted marketing, which results in better outcomes. With the correct Facebook integration, teams can respond and engage with leads well to reinforce brand-customer relationships. Also, teams can steer clear of delayed communications and choose the best-suited tool to perform Facebook operations faster.

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