Conversational 1-on-1 Texting (Conversation View)

8.3 trillion text messages are sent worldwide every year, that’s around 23 billion a day, and about 270,000 messages every second…….

It refers to the visual presentation of your complete conversation with the specific record whom you had it with. Scroll down the contact page and you will see a conversation window. This is called ‘Conversation View’. You can view the entire conversation (all the outgoing and incoming texts) with the contact on the Conversation View. It supports emoji, GIFs, etc.

Why is Conversational Texting important? 

It is important because it allows you to view the whole conversation through itself only without checking each and every message in the ‘SMS History’ option. It offers a super-fast and easy way to go through your conversations in real-time.

How 360 SMS App can help you with Conversational Texting?

It automatically gets refreshed within a fixed time frame so that none of your important messages are missed or skipped.

It also allows you to search for any specific message by putting the required keyword in the ‘search’ box.

It gives you a chance to filter the message as per the dates, in case you are looking for some messages from a particular date.

You can also mark the specific messages as ‘Unread’ or ‘Starred’ as per your own choice.

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