Setup Chatbot/ Intelligent Texting (iText) and See Things Happening in Auto Mode.

How to set up Chatbots/Surveys/Questionnaires and Put Interactions on Auto mode

Setting up chatbots is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) process that’s easy to do even without any technical knowledge.

And even if you’re unable to do it yourself, our dedicated managers are always there to help you at every step.

# Step 1

Click iText (as shown below).

When you click iText, you can also see the list of all previously created Surveys and delete them by clicking on the Delete Survey button placed against each Survey.

# Step 2

Click Create New Survey on the top right corner of the page. (as shown below).

# Step 3

When you click Create New Survey, a Create Survey dialog box will come up (as shown below) where you need to enter values for the requested fields.
The fields requested are described below.

Survey Name- Add the name of the Survey.

Brief Description- Add a brief description of a Survey. This may include the purpose of creating a Survey or a scenario when a Survey should be triggered.

Select Object- Select the Salesforce object for which you want to create a Survey.

Keywords- Add keywords and synonyms (comma separated). These keywords will help to trigger a Survey automatically in the event of an incoming text with any of the specified keywords.

Select Folder- Select the folder from which you want to pick a Survey (if Surveys are arranged in a folder)

Status- Toggles the status between Active or Inactive for a Survey.

After filling in all the details, click Create.

# Step 4

When you click Create, a Survey will be created. Now, you can add questions by clicking +Question, as shown below.

# Step 5

When you click +Question, a Create/Edit Question dialog box will appear (as shown below) where you can add a new question with other details to a questionnaire.

On this page, you need to enter values for the requested fields.

Question Name Add the name or label of the question. For example – “Question 1.”

Select Fields – Select 'Merge Fields' if you want to add any

Question Text – Add the first question that you want in a Questionnaire

Attachment – Add attachments to a message if you want to.

After filling in all the details, click Create, and this will add a question to a Survey or Questionnaire.

# Step 6

After clicking the Create button, you can see the added question in the Survey. An example is shown below.

Now, you can add expected answers or answer choices for the added question by clicking the +Answer button placed against each question, as shown below.

For adding every new answer choice to a question, you need to click the +Answer button placed against each question.

When you click on the +Answer button, a box should appear (as shown below).
It is HERE that you can add an answer to the question.

You can also add acceptable synonyms separated by a double pipe (‘||’) to each answer.
At last, click Create after entering each answer choice.

After adding answer choices, you can see all of them right below the question (as shown below)

# Step 7

You can trigger a sequence of further nested questions and answers for each answer choice. So, for each type of answer received, a different sequence of questions may be triggered next.

You can sequence these questions and answers one after the other.
To do so, you need to click on the +Question button placed against each response, as shown below.

Also, you can edit or delete an answer using the ‘pen’ or ‘bin’ icons.

Also, if you do not want to add a new question or want to skip a few questions and want to jump to a specific existing question in the event of a particular incoming response, you can use the None tab (as shown below) and choose a question from the dropdown.

The question that will be triggered in the case of a particular response can be viewed right under the specific answer choice, as shown below.

This way, you can keep adding a series of questions and answers in a Survey.

The best part of using iText is, you can take or assign actions side by side that you want to perform based on the answers received without navigating to the record page separately.

Taking Actions Depending on the Answers Received or iText Response

Answer Path is a part of iText that allows you to take action based on incoming answers to Surveys or iText. This way, you can easily free up your data based on each itext response by updating Salesforce records simultaneously.

You can perform or assign actions like

Sending an SMS alert to the record owner

Sending an email to a record or record owner

Creating a task that needs to be performed next

Adding recipients to ongoing campaigns

Updating the field value of the selected Salesforce object

Jumping from an existing Survey to another Survey

To perform actions in the event of an incoming response, click on the three dots icon placed against each answer (as shown below). Further, you can perform the desired action by choosing it from the given list.

Turned out to be perfect!
Great experience! My major use case was to set up automated messages. The configuration is so smooth. Thanks to the iText functionality.

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Wrapping Up

Self-sufficiency to create chatbots or Surveys or Questionnaires allows you to make more informed decisions at every turn. Without being dependent on experts and worrying about investments, you can create a new Survey for every use case and capture unique data for different purposes.

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